2017 Nissan Sentra SR - RV/MF 12K 24/36 MO


Can anyone let me know the current RV/MF values for the 2017 Nissan Sentra in the NYC area? A few dealers quoted 50-51% RV for the non-turbo SR base and .00003 MF with T1 credit. A bit skeptical about the RV to be honest. That translates to $200+ a month w/ zero drive-off yet I see people have done better the past several months. Are there any other incentives to be aware of?

Thank you!

Year: [2017]
Make, Model, and Trim: [2017 Nissan Sentra SR (NON-TURBO]
Months/Annual Mileage: [36/12K & 24/12K]
Zip Code: [NYC]

Ask on Edmunds forums and also check autobytel