2017 Nissan Sentra Sr $89 Per Month

2017 Nissan Sentra Sr
$89 per month
$0 down
First month, DMV, bank fee, sales tax due upfront
24 month lease - 12,000 miles per year

Is this only in NY? Any one in bayarea to match :slight_smile:

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I can ship but, hope you can find same deal.

wondering the same thing, if anyone in the Bay Area will match…

I live in NJ. How much is due at signing? Do you have 36 month lease as well?

Yes but a little bit more per month, which county? Very few left.

I live Middlesex county

Roughly $1500.00 total drive off,m that’s your first month, DMV fees, bank fee sales tax, you can roll those in if your wanted, and if you qualify for college grad payment is $69 per month with those same fees

Still available or different incentives for may?

Do you have this car in Texas, preferably West Texas?

Interested, is this deal still available in May?

still available? i’m in Queens. What colors? Just to confirm – this if for the SR model?

Hello Guys, sorry for late response been very busy, sadly they went up.
$120 per month
24 month lease
First month, DMV, bank fee , sales tax up front(you can of course roll all your fees in)
12,000 miles per year
$0 down

$140 per month
36 month lease
Same fees upfront
12,000 miles per year
$0 down

Still a very cheap lease, I can’t see them going that low again.

I have gray, white, black red Available all with black interior, all available in the Sentra sr.

Believe it or not the sv, model which is over $1,000 cheaper in msrp is still more expensive to lease than the sr.

My phone is 631-334-5320

Thanks for the update. $120/month is still pretty good. What are the numbers for May? RV, MF, etc. What is the MSRP and selling price. Would like to see if I can get a deal in SoCal. Are there any incentives for May for Nissan? Thanks!

I’m currently looking for a vehicle for my mother which probably won’t even do 5K miles a year, I’m in the tri-state area… What is your absolute cheapest lease you have available? Not looking for anything fancy just agrocery getter. @Precisionautoleasing

I sent you a Pm, did you get it Paulo?

Im in Queens - How much is the DMV, bank fee and sales tax? Is that all? Any other fees? Thanks*

First month, DMV, bank fee, sales tax only

These fees are calculated with new plates
Deduct $150 from the total fees if transferring plates

24 months/12k mpy/$120 per month = $1,575.00 total drive off

36 months/12k mpy/$140 per month = $1,785.00 total

If anyone is interested please call/text me 631-334-5320 these sr will not last, I am not acting like a salesman but if you like the car, this is defiantly a deal you want to jump on.

24 months 12k rv = 63%
36 months 12k rv= 53%

Mf - 0.00003

Rebate = $2,825 (taxable)

If anyone is a college grad, additional rebate and will help with approval if credit weak.
You have to graduate from college within the last 2 years or next 6 months.