2017 Nissan Sentra Incentives Question

In looking at the Edmunds site how do I determine which incentives are eligible for leases:


Obviously the Leasing bonus cash but how do I know which of the other offers can be used for a lease?

@Orangeman96 did your paperwork show any other incentives?

hey the lease rebates are 2525

@Stu, Yes, Lease cash is $2025 and there’s $500 bonus cash for Lease or Finance.

Hello Max,

My sister in law has the paperwork but I don’t recall any other incentives other than the available lease cash.

This is the deal I ended up getting. How’d I do?

Sentra SV
MSRP: 20,115
Neg. Price: 18150.51
Incentives: 2,525
RV: 54%
MF: .00003
Acq Fee: $595
Term: 36 mo
Miles: 12k
Sales Tax: 6.25%

This ended up being $159/mo with $159 due at signing. The dealer paid the doc fee and RMV fees of $502.

Also, they offered me the “safe lease” package for $20/mo. Is this something I should consider? Apparently Nissan doesn’t do a damage waiver anymore so we will be responsible for anything above normal wear and tear. $700 for this protection seemed like a lot so I declined it but I can still sign up for it until noon today. We had $640 worth of damage on the Altima we’re returning but the front bumper was cracked and needed to be replaced.

$159 and no other fees at signing?

Correct. The dealer paid the $402 doc fee and $100 DMV fees. Not sure why they did it this way instead of just lowering the price on the car and including the fees in the lease.

Also, any options on the car? Thanks…I’m looking to lease a car for my daughter.

No options. Stock Sentra SV.

Congrats Stu.

New to this great forum. Have learned much in the few weeks I have been lurking. I am going to try to replicate @Orangeman96 deal in NY/Long Island since I’m interested in the SL model. Since I know all of the numbers going in, is it best to let the dealership provide their “sales price” or should I state my sales price first in my first email to them? PS it’s very difficult to even get a dealership on LI to even reply to an email request other than the auto-replies.

I had trouble getting email responses as well. What I did was call the dealer with the lowest advertised price and got a verbal quote. They quoted $119 a month plus “about $1500 in fees”. They wouldn’t get more specific about fees and wouldn’t email it to me but by doing the math I knew they should be around $170/mo including taxes and fees. I then called a few other dealerships and said “My current lease is up this month, I’m planning on purchasing the car this weekend. I have a quote from another dealer for $170/mo. I’m shopping the price around to see if you can offer a better deal.”

After that the responses came very quickly. I think they key for me was letting them know you’re a serious buyer and have a set timeline for making a decision.

Thanks for the info. Definitely looking to lease by the end of this month, hopefully President’s Week sales help. Going to try to stay firm with @Orangeman96 deal and numbers. Will post once I start receiving offers.

Look at the dealership’s website and find someone with “Internet Sales” in their title; email them directly.

If LI doesn’t work, consider making a trip to NJ. The savings and better service might be worth your time.

Thanks Max,
Will do. Just wondering about leasing in NJ with the Doc fees (I believe NY is limited to ~$80) plus the tax situation of having to register the car in NY, NJ tax included in lease terms etc…? Not too sure how the tax situation for out of state deals work. I saw @Orangemen96 Doc fee was $449. If that’s pretty standard for NJ then perhaps it would be best to up the sales price in a NY deal by ~$400 (if needed) to even it out and save the ride to NJ? Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Yeah I compare selling price + doc fee combined to figure out which is better. IME (in my experience) and on some random truecar searches, I have found that (usually) NJ prices are better even taking into account a higher doc fee. YMMV.

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Great deal Stu! Glad my post is helping some get great deals on Sentra - sister in law loves the car.

JCN - yes the doc fee pretty standard here and looking back I should have told them not paying it and to adjust the cap cost - they can list it but we shouldnt have paid it. So in your case I would make sure to get discounted price by 500 or so from what we got.


Hey @JCN72 I can get you an awesome deal on a Nissan Sentra just let me know which Sentra and options you would like. I can offer you -1500 of invoice. For example I can get you a
2017 Sentra Sv base
130 a month
24 months or 36 months whatever you want
12,000 miles
1600 at signing ( includes Taxes, bank fee, DMV fees, and first month )
0 down!!
Msrp 20085
Selling price 17803
Taxes are based if ny 8.875%