2017 Nissan Rogue SV FWD deal

This is the offer I currently have from the dealer:

MSRP - $29050
Discount - $2625
Incentives - $2300
MF - .00003
Residual - 54%
Monthly payment - $275 including taxes
$850 down for TTL and first month.

I am trying to get them to do $275 with $0 drive off.


I completely mistyped the discount. It will be discounted $4,000 before incentives.

2017 Ford Escape SE is better, I got one last week, FWD $500 down, $175 monthly, 3 years, 10.5k, A Plan, this is after incentives and $1500 conquest offer by Ford since I own a competitive brand.

I have had too many bad experiences with Ford properly servicing leases. I won’t touch them. Thanks though!