2017 nissan rogue s - lowest price dealer can go


MSRP: $23,360]
Selling Price: [$21,477
Rebates: $2,500
Trade-in: [$0]

Annual Mileage:

MF: [optional]
Residual: [optional]

Security Deposit:
Total Due At Signing:
Monthly Payment

Zip Code: 91324
Sales Tax Rate: 3.25

Leasehackr Score:

Hello. I have an offer from a dealer. They say this is the lowest the can go. This is from a dealer in Southern CA SFV.

They are giving the Nissan rebate $2500 Finance rebate $500.

That is about it.

Please let me know what you guys think and where I can improve.

I looked at the site and monitored all the post but nothing very recent.

Subtract 4% from MSRP then subtract another $2k and that is about as low as a dealer will go on one of those.

So looks like there is some way to go.

Go to Nissan van Nuys, they always do $2k below invoice for me.

Sounds good. I will keep working. They also said they need to add Theft Patrol $995.00

2k isn’t much you need to be at 3k to 3.5k

Below invoice? Before rebate? Good luck getting that. I can’t say I agree with you there @nyclife however this is the sport, so maybe you know something I don’t as I usually just get straight Rogues.

Re the add-ons. Tell them to take a hike.

This is at least for ny, if you look at CA pricing on Rogue Sports it isn’t competitive. They went 2.5k below for me (van nuys), still didn’t compete with NY pricing. They were at 299 on an SL, when I could get one in NY for about 270.

Good to know, never done a rogue sport, only a rogue

Granted, it was on an SL. Maybe a little more room on that.

Sorry Fellas. It is just the Rogue S.

I added in the sport because the was the other option they were offering.

What was the payment?

" They also said they need to add Theft Patrol $995.00 "
that is ridiculous and completely optional; beware this dealer…

They said system was down. They could only give me those numbers.I will update with the payments

If they don’t remove it from the contract, walk away from this dealer. It’s highway robbery. No pun intended.