2017 Mini Countryman

Year: 2017
Make, Model, and Trim: Mini Countryman Cooper S All4 (but it wouldn’t be awful to look at other trims)
Months/Annual Mileage: 36/10K
Zip Code: 92101

Specifically the new second-generation version, I think they cut off the last generation at the 2016 MY but I’m not positive. I’m actually most interested in the plug-in version, but seeing as how they haven’t revealed any pricing info yet I’m going to go ahead and guess there’s nothing to be found there as of today.

Plug in version won’t be available until June, new generation non-plugin version just started hitting dealers last month.

Hi, are you still interested in a new Countryman? I might be able to help if so

@CollinC I’m looking for a countryman All4 in NorCal. Can you help??

I would be interested in a Countryman S All 4 or the Countryman Plugin Hybrid as long as I can get it for no more than $400 and I want all the bells and whistles. Is this possible?

Hi, please shoot me a message with your specs!

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Hi Collin,

Can you help me spec the following:
Year: 2017
Make, Model, and Trim: Mini Countryman Cooper All4
Months/Annual Mileage: 24/10K or 36/10K
Zip Code: 94109

Looking for a 2017 Mini Countryman S 36/12K.

What is the current Money Factor / Residual as well?


Hi there,

Been looking for a 2018 Countryman S E (PHEV) for a lease. I want to take advantage of the $4k federal tax credit in case it evaporates at the end of the year. The PHEV Countryman are hard to come by at the moment (at least configured the way I want). Has anyone got a good deal on a lease for one recently?

I found one with Fully Loaded option package, similar to what I want. The dealer has to get it from another dealer. Here is what they are willing to do. Am I missing something or is this not a good deal (the money factor seems higher than expected? I usually buy and don’t generally lease cars, so I’m looking at the experts for guidance…)

MSRP: 45550
Cap cost 40490 after various promotions
Residual 60%
money factor 0.00205
36 month low mileage lease, payment $577 (with ~$900 downpayment)

[I’m in Texas, so the tax is on the full cost]


Anyone knows 2017 Countryman S ALL4 numbers?
No info on Edmunds.