2017 Mini Countryman Lease Takeover - Bay Area - Price reduced!

I’m really not using the car and don’t foresee needing one in the coming couple of years, so I’ll pay the transfer fee for you!

Moved to the city, so now I don’t really use the car anymore (and just parking it here is insanely expensive!).
Looking for someone to take over the remaining of the lease. Nothing down, just the transfer/registration fees.

2017 Mini Countryman
MSRP: $31,874.58
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 7,700
Lease started 09/02/2017
Current Mileage: 8,000 (out of total 22,500 allowance)
Monthly payment is $360.88 - that includes taxes and the “Mini Lease Pro” insurance (ding protection, so you pay nothing when returning the car if there’s scratches/dings/other superficial damage)

Photos below!

Do you have the window sticker or list of options? I presume based on MSRP it’s a relatively basic model?

Also just want to be sure - 23 months and 14.5k miles remaining?

Hi Jay!
Correct, it’s the base model, automatic. I didn’t find the performance of the S that impressive, and the touchscreen system isn’t very useful, so I picked the simplest model instead :slight_smile:

It’s got 14.5k miles on the lease, yes! (you can add more miles if needed)

Let me know if it interests you!