2017 Mini Cooper S Hardtop 2 Door JCW package

I’m looking at leasing a Mini Cooper S 2 door with JCW package. The one I’m looking at also has the JCW tuning kit which I also wanted. The car was a demo vechile and has 8,220 miles on it.

The deal
MSRP 33,690
Sale 22,777
MF .00192
Residual 52% (which is off the MSRP)
Out the door cost- 3,000
Payment with taxes- $280

Is this a good deal? They haven’t run my credit but it’s over 760 so I should get the best rate. Is the MF good? Also is the residual suppose to be off the sale price or what they are doing which is off MSRP?

The MF is marked up. Should be .00152. The monthly payment seems high considering there are $3000 in driveoffs (which also seems high). Ask for a breakdown of the driveoffs because it is eh as it stands now.

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