2017 Mercedes GLC300 4MATIC Lease

Hi all – very new to leasing, so my apologies in advance if this sounds like amateur hour.

I am looking to lease a 2017 Mercedes GLC300 4MATIC in the VA/DC/MD region. Currently have an offer on a P1 package with panorama roof:

$47k MSRP
$3k upfront (down payment, first month payment, tax, title, etc.)
36 months

Can those in the know please let me know what they think about this deal? It seems from the calculator that the monthly payment could potentially be lower, but not 100% sure what will be possible in practice.

Thank you in advance!

What do you mean by that?

The leasehackr calculator says the payments could be lower, but I’m not sure if that is actually possible.

Considering the current programs, thats about $5000 off msrp and they don’t have any special lease offers currently.

.00150 MF & 61% for 7500 miles for 36 month.

no MSD programs available.

I would look at a BMW X3 especially this weekend if you’re looking to score a good deal.

for a $47000 2017 X3 28i xdrive non demo in MD: $444 w/ tax / $3000 due at signing 36 mo / 10k miles

OR $399/mo if you do $2800 in MSD $6000 total due at signing.

and BMW includes oil changes and maint. No brake pads anymore with the '17 models.

Hope that helps!