2017 Mercedes C300 Coupe

Hey guys I have recently been shopping for a C-300 coupe with P1 package and Sports Package.
I am located in Southern California
Looking for a 12k miles for 36 months.

What I was quickly able to negotiate was
MSRP: 49505
10% off MSRP
Money Factor: 0.00122
$2100 drive offs
$570 per month tax included at 8% in orange county.

Anybody get a better deal?

I’m looking for one too- you think we’ll get better pricing if we leased together?

I wouldn’t say that’s a good deal but since the C Class coupe is brand new & there is high demand for them at the moment, the deal is decent. The dealers near me have the coupe priced at ~$100 more than the sedans even though they’re the same MSRP. You’re not going to get a “good” deal unless you really try just because it’s a new model.

Why do you keep asking that? You’ve posted it several times, on different cars, over several months…

Cause I can’t figure out what I want yet.

Do you think I can get a better deal during December’s holiday season so that they can push out more cars?

I would assume so. I just know dealers just got them in not too long ago so the incentives to get them out are pretty low at the moment. I would give it a month and wait for them to start piling up at dealerships. December should bring better incentives.