2017 Mercedes C300 4Matic w/ Premium4 Package Lease Thoughts

Hi All,

I just discovered this site and was wondering why your thoughts are on a lease I worked on this weekend. I am coming out of a 2015 C300 4Matic with a payment of $495, the car only had a premium 2 package and had an MSRP of about $52k. The new one is a 2017 MB C300 4matic that originally had an MSRP of about $60k, it was a demo and has 4500 miles on it and the premium 4 package with all the drivers assist features, upgraded wheels, pano sun roof, heated steering wheel, cabin fragrance system… pretty much everything except leather seats, park assist and cooled seats. I also got them to throw in AMG door pins, a cargo crate and the rear spoiler with the deal and they are absorbing 3 of my 6 remaining lease payments and rolling the remaining 3 into the new payment. I got the cost down on the car to $47,969.08 and the numbers break don like this (can’t say I understand them all, this is where I wanted to see if I got as good a deal as I thought)

First Month Payment: $515
Cap cost reduction: $943
Acquisition Fee: $1095
Sales Tax: $1843.14
Doc Fee: $598
Total of $5k out of pocket, can not do multiple security deposits in NY.

Gross Capitalized Cost: $48913
Cap Cost Reduction: $943.14
Adj Cap Cost: $47969.86
Residual Value:$ 33,166.95
Depreciation: $14,802.91
Rent Charge $3,943.01

This is based on 36 months and 7500 miles since I never drive that much anyway. They are also eating the $595 turn in fee on the old car and giving a $500 credit towards wear and tear to cover my rashed rim and tear in the back seat on the old car. Also, It was almost impossible in the north east to find a C300 4Matic with the drivers assist features (Which was a must for me),with a light interior and pano roof. Apparently these are not stoked commonly. The color is Dakota Brown (surprisingly really nice) with the silk beige MB Tex and Dark Linden Wood trim.

I know this is probably not a GREAT deal, but for a car listed at almost $60k MSRP, I thought It was not horrible. The only thing I asked about and I don’t remember an answer on t the deler (after a 4 hour drive from NY to MA) was on the current one I believe they asked for direct payment info and were able to knock about $8 off the payment, are they supposed to put that though when drafting the lease agreement? If they didn’t, and I have not picked up, think we can rework it and add that on?

At the end of the day, I wanted a car that was impossible to find and needed out of my current one after two major warrantee issues and not wanting to deal with it anymore after having loaners for the past 2 months. Figured I needed to jump when I found what I wanted and not too sad to see my bum engine go HAHA. Thanks all, figured I can learn from what I did not explore here on the next one, all thoughts are welcomed.

$5k down with $515/month and only 7500/miles for a demo does not sound good. You are in NY, but the dealer is in MA? If so, you should be able to do MSDs.

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Not a Great deal, but I may be biased because I think its silly to have a 60k C300… wtf.

Exactly, one could get a 60k s90 with all those features for a lower cost. And the conquest would cover the remaining lease payments.

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wow, 60k is at C43 price…

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Yeah, they said since the car is being registered in NY and all the lease info was based on a NY address that MBFS could not do the MSDs because its illegal to do so in NY.

People have done MSDs with non-NY dealers before. The only automaker that rejects them for NY residents IIRC is Infiniti

If you’re in NY maybe consult @nyclife ? His retainer is super reasonable and he can usually bring in some crazy deals, especially if you consider a Volvo over the merc. (I have a c300 and I’d rather have a Volvo lol)

According to MBFS since the car will be registered in NY and MSDs are not league here, they will not. Also was told by someone who works for Benz they are sunsetting this program just like the auto pay discount that went away in October.

So that means they didn’t like the prosperity of all the lessees who moved from BMW to them over the last 6 months after BMW sunsettes their MSD program?