2017 MERCEDES BENZ GLE 550e Lease deal


Please let me know if this is a good deal:


MSRP : 76K

Selling Price : 65K

MF : 0.002


Down Payment : 10K

LEASE for 12K and 48 months

Monthly payment = 800 plus taxes

LEASE for 12K and 48 months

That low residual is going to make a good lease really difficult. What is the 36/12 residual? Money factor is also marked up from .00160.


They tell me that RR & MF are predefined in the computer by Mercedes. Not negotiable :frowning:

That’s true. They are set by the bank. MF is set, but dealers can mark it up, so you might have to negotiate to get the buy rate.

Yes, and they did mark it up. Tell them you want the base money factor. The residual has to be higher than 43% for 36 months if it’s 42% for 48 months. You might be better off with a shorter lease if there is a “sweet spot” for the residual. There are some alternatives in that class that will lease a lot better if you don’t have your heart set on that particular model.

Thank you.

That is what I thought. MF of 0.002 is 4.8 APR which is very high. They wouldn’t negotiate on MF & RR for whatever reasons.

I think I would be better off going to another dealer with a shorter lease.

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Does anyone know what is a reasonable MF & RR for the above model and lease terms?

How badly do you want this car that you are willing to spend $48,400 plus taxes to rent it?

Is it really that much better than a GLE350?

$10k down – what? That right there should be the first sign that this is going to be impossible unless you payment is $100/mo


That residual though… These vehicles are a beast- I wouldn’t mind buying it outright at that price- doesn’t it have like a $4k electric credit?

10k down!! Gotta be kidding. I can Porsche for this price. Someone posted GLS for 800 monthly.

Check MF, ask to do MSD and autopay.