2017 Mercedes-Benz E300 Sport 18M Lease Assumption (NorCal)

Location: San Francisco, California
Leasehackr Score: 8.2
MSDs: 0

Original lease commenced: November 16, 2016
Total term: 36 months
Mileage allowed: 12,000 miles per year
Residual value (payoff at end of term): $36,661.00 (0.6216)
Monthly payment: $587.24 (pre-tax)
Includes: Mercedes-Benz Care for 36 months or 30,000 miles (all scheduled maintenance during the term of the lease)

As of May 16, 2018:
Term remaining: 18 months (as low as 13 with the Loyalty Accelerator Program)
Current mileage: 16,500
Mileage allowed: 19,500 miles for the remaining term / 13,000 miles per year / 1,083 miles per month
Mercedes-Benz Financial Services Lease Application/Transfer Fee: $695.00 (paid by buyer)

I ordered a 2018 Mercedes-Benz S450 and am looking for someone to assume my existing lease on a well-maintained 2017 Mercedes-Benz E300 Sport (white exterior / black interior). The vehicle has been pampered (all recalls taken care of, all warranty issues addressed, and regularly washed and waxed); there are no issues and the vehicle has never been in an accident.

Please note, Mercedes-Benz Financial Services will not even consider transferring the lease to an individual with less than a 720 FICO score. I already paid $2,404.18 down and negotiated the price of the vehicle $6,800.00 off of the MSRP. The maintenance package (Mercedes-Benz Care for 36 months / 30,000 miles) is already included in the lease payments (which saves you a total of ~$1,600 on the next two maintenance services - service visits cost ~800 each now). I am not asking to recoup my down payment, nor am I willing to incentivize the lease. This is an easy deal. You apply with Mercedes-Benz Financial Services; you pay the application/transfer fee of $695.00; when MBFS approves the transfer, you take the car. I’ve already paid the registration through November 16, 2018.

Vehicle Build:

Accessory Code / Description / Price
E300W $52,150
149 Polar White
121 Black MB-Tex
L3C 3-spoke Multifunction Steering Wheel
P01 P01 Premium 1 Package : Rearview Camera , Parking Pilot, NFC Wireless $3,100
RTK 19" AMG Twin 5-Spoke Wheels $500
68 Wheel Locking Bolts $150
104 Rear Deck Spoiler $350
137 Comfort Box $300
322 322 Sport Wheel Package: Sport Body Styling , Mercedes-Benz Star in $650
-----772 : AMG Body Cladding
-----U29 : Perforated front brake discs & front brake calipers
-----P15 : Sport Exterior
-----P14 : Sport Interior
51U Black Headliner
677 Sport-tuned suspension for Sport
736 Natural Grain Black Ash Wood
810 Burmester Surround Sound System $850
SUBTOTAL $58,050
TOTAL $58,975

Pretty sure you won’t have any luck here with a $630+/month payment and no incentives.


Agreed. That’s really expensive for a P1 E300. You can get a demo/loaner E300 with the same equipment for like $450/mo with MSD’s.

Also, I’m gonna call @howardhsu out on the maintenance costs. Those numbers are BS. During a lease, you only need 2 Service A’s and one Service B. Service A’s cost about $220-250 at my local dealer. Service B is maybe $300-350. Whoever got you to buy that package is full of shit if they told you each service is $800.

Honestly, I think you need to get the effective monthly under $500 if you want anyone on LeaseHackr to bite.


My dealer actually did charge me $7xx for a service in the past. :frowning:

That may be true, but it would be a full term lease and you would have $6,500 stuck with MBFS. I’m offering a short 18 (or 13) month lease. The payments are higher than what you can negotiate today, but if you don’t want a full term lease this might be the ticket.

You are wrong. I actually did get two inquiries here from people interested in shorter term leases.

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I don’t doubt it. Service B on an E class is $700 around here

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I don’t know why anyone would take this deal when even swapalease has better deals.






Lease 1: longer term, less mileage, $3000 down
Lease 2: longer term, less mileage
Lease 3: admittedly it’s a good deal with the incentive the seller is offering, so long as you like Lunar Blue.
Lease 4: not available, so why even list it?

Again, Jon…for someone that is so sure I won’t get any takers here, you sure are spending an awful lot of time thinking about my lease transfer. Thanks!

Truth of the matter is you don’t know as much as you think you know. Maybe I have the color combination, options, and lease term someone is looking for. Maybe someone in Northern California wants to takeover a lease without having to put out the expense and time to ship a car from far away. There are so many things you didn’t consider before thread crapping and trolling on my post.

You think you come off as knowledgeable, but really, you come off as ignorant, because you fail to see that there are a number of different factors that make this lease the right one for someone other than you.

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Just saying, you’re advertising your bad deal on the wrong forum. No one here will take your deal as-is.


$595+ disposition fee with mbfs

Not all leases are the same, some may be good deals to others while not so good to someone else. I think leasehackr does give us some amazing prices on leases but for the norm, those numbers are not attainable.

Example - friend of mine is paying $400 for a Infiniti Q50 3.0T, when I told him, he left money on the table, he couldn’t be bothered to keep negotiating because it wasn’t worth his time anymore. To us - leasehackr folks - this may be a crime against humanity. To the friend - it’s enough of a deal to sign off and move on, on.

Back to this thread - in our “leasehackr” eyes, @howardhsu, this may not be a good deal since we are accustomed to better pricing. To other users, this may be a good price. It’s all perspective. Personally, I don’t think it’s a “bad” deal, but to make the deal sweeter or attract more people, maybe pay half the transfer fee? I’m not sure. If you are getting bites, then by all means, continue as is. If not, some incentive might be due.

No point in arguing here, no one here wins, no one takes any medals home. Let’s keep it civil and move forward.

@howardhsu - Good luck and hopefully you are able to let the car go.


No one on here is gonna take it at this payment. 587 before tax? Ouch.

You, too @jananth1? Do you want to back up your confident claim with $1,000 to charity if someone does?

I’m a student. I don’t have $1000, sorry bud

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I think the point here is that your lease doesn’t hit 1% on a vehicle that consistently leases for well under 1%. For that reason, you’ll be very hard pressed to find a taker here on the forum.

I do hope that you find someone who will assume it, but like others have said, there’s very little chance it’ll be taken by someone on the forum. The reason people evaluate these deals, as they have yours, is so that users don’t get abused by marketplace ads.

Now excuse me while I clean this place up. Let’s keep it civil.

I just think you should shut it down. Evidently, the poster is posting a bad deal. This site is for good deals, and there are other avenues for the OP to post his lease swap, like swapalease or leasetrader – for people more inclined to make the purchase at the current price


Well, he may choose to add an incentive if he isn’t able to offload. Or there may be someone who says “you know what, I love that exact car and don’t mind paying a premium for it”.

I’ll keep an eye on the thread.

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Is it a bad deal or just not a great deal? On SwapALease for a 2017 E300 with 13-24 months left and allowing 1,000+ miles, there are 29 cars. My deal falls into fourth place. For all the people that say this car won’t get transferred, put your money where your mouth is. A civil deal that we’ll enter into a binding contract for $1,000 to the charity of my choice should a bonafide taker from Leasehackr assume this lease. Otherwise, what’s the point of saying “it’s too expensive?”

This could be the right car for someone. Someone might not care about an extra $50 or $100 per month because it is the right car in the right place. I could have put down MSDs to buy the lease down, but it wasn’t worth it to me. The opportunity cost of that money sitting was greater than just paying more on the lease. It could be the same for the person that assumes the lease.