2017 Mercedes-Benz e300 loaner p2 package 4matic good deal?

I am in the market for a 2017 e300 loaner. I have seen some very good deals on this forum and am looking for some advice on the deal I have been quoted.

2017 Mercedes- Benz e300 4matic with premium 2 package
MSRP: 64925
mileage: 9000
Sales Price: 50500 22% off
Money Factor : .00092
Max. MSD: 10
Money Factor after MSD: 0.00012
APR: 0.29%
Document Fee: 499
Acquisition Fee : 795
Miles/yr: 12k
Months: 36
Drive off: approx. 1200
MSD: 5,000
Residual 58%
monthly payment before tax: 390
payment after tax: 417

Is this a good deal? Can I get this any lower? Any discounts that I am missing out on? Anything else to negotiate on?

Should I add in prepaid maintenance? ding coverage?

Thanks in advance for the replies

Looks solid to me, but I’m just a beginner.

What state?

congrats, good deal. enjoy your new car. does sale price include any rebates?

I’d pass on ding coverage and take the deal

They are giving me 1,000 penfed. They said it is usually 2,000, but the dealer has the vehicle marked to include 1,000 fleet incentive. I have not bought the vehicle yet.

Aren’t prepaid maintenance and ding coverage capitalized?

How are you getting a 58% residual for 12K/36 mos, especially with 9K miles already on the car? That is an amazing deal, do you have the offer in writing?

I should have it in writing tomorrow. I also thought the 58% would take a .20 cent hit per mile over 3,000. I got a feeling the final quote will have around a 1k residual reduction. I can use that and tires as negotiation possibly.

Even with a likely mileage adjustment it’s a very good deal assuming all other parameters hold. (I’m new here but am pretty confident you’ve done some very solid negotiating so far). Good luck closing.

So I bought the ding aka dent coverage on my Lexus for $400 and it’s actually paid off because mine covers two claim deductibles per year for up to 5 years - the length of my dent policy. I also did a $500 deductible on my insurance policy instead of $250, which lowered my premium - I think the max amount covered for the deductible is $500 if I remember correctly. I’ve used it for two claims already ($1000) so I saved $600 so far. The price on the policy is usually negotiable from my experience. Let me also add - it covers the deductible on any vehicle in your household (registered to the same address as the vehicle you purchased the policy for). Read the fine print. @admirals16

I’d take that deal! Most dealers won’t budge on anything under $550 a month!!!

I know maintenance is but I think ding is a waste. Just park far away from everybody.

That is actually better than my P1 RWD deal I got in June for 244+tax on a 58k MSRP for 36/10. I would run, not walk, to that dealer before they change their minds!

Yes it is a good deal but I am also questioning the 58% residual with 9 k miles…

244 for an e-class? I think that beats the front page deal of a few years…

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My RV was 59% with 9K miles on 36/10, so actually 58% on a 36/12 seems in line for me unless the base RVs dropped since June.

I keep forgetting to clarify that required me to prepay $990 in fees ($795 acquisition and $195 DMV etc.) plus 1st mo ($259). So I guess if you include that it’s closer to $270+tax…

With 9K miles residual will be adjusted. Anything over 3K miles has a 0.20/mile adjustment. So 6K X 0.20 = $1200 that will be adjusted down on the residual.

Also, $1200 drive off is really $33/mo which bring this up to $420. Still pretty good for one with P2.

wouldn’t you actually take that 1200 and subtract the first month’s payment of 420 for a true drive-off of 780? That then adds $22/mo or $412+tax.

On the RV, it looks like base RV is 58% for 36/12 on a 4Matic (1% lower than RWD). So yeah, it’ll need to go down, unless they are adding the $1200 to the sales price to get the same net effect.

Ahh you’re right. Too early in the morning for math :slight_smile:

When I leased my loaner they took of the corresponding amount off the residual number but it was called something else (can’t remember the name). But the effect was the residual decreased by that amount.

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