2017 Mercedes Benz C300 quotes

SE Michigan here looking to get into the Entry level luxury brand. Does this quote look reasonable and would MSD and auto pay bring it down even more?

Those are crap numbers. Can get a E class for those monthly payments.

Can you tell me why its bad and what i can do to get a better deal? Im here for advice

Terrible offer. Need a bigger discount and need to find out the MF they are using. It’s probably marked up from base MF. Yes MSDs and autopay will help reduce base MF further. If you can do 12k miles per year instead of 15k that will help too.

If you cannot see that it’s obviously a terrible deal, you should do one of the following:

  1. Research more about leasing before proceeding further
  2. Do not lease
  3. Hire a broker
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These “deals” are horrific. You should aim for a minimum of 15% off MSRP and you need to know the MF.

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C300 is entry luxury? I was under impression it was more like Acura Ilx or similar.

I guess to some people a 56k Benz is entry level. Haha

Thank you. This is good info

¯_(ツ)_/¯ It is for a MB.

No a base cla, which I have gotten as a loaner is entry level. Ooooffff is that thing a piece.

Since everyone says this deal STINKS, tell me what i should be getting. I have top tier credit and live in SE Michigan.

You’ve been here 21 minutes read the forums you act so entitled.

There is so much information in our search bar.

Research it then ask us specific questions.

You act like you’re paying us


I came here for advice and not your condensing elitist attitude. Looking at your posts i can see your the resident dick here and have no interest in helping others. The sand in your vagina is obvious

To the OP: all the answers are pretty much here.

Do you have a picture of the window sticker for this car? I’ trying to figure ouot what packages it has to make it a 56k MSRP. I got a 2016 C300 fully loaded and the MSRP on it was 56k and this one doesn’t even have distronic or anything.