2017 MB C300 4MATIC $300 36/12 - updated 9/5

Finally got a deal that I think is pretty good, but I’d like your thoughts. It’s a 2017 C300 loaner with P2 and few other options.

Link to the calculator doesn’t seem to link properly. Here’s the image.

I had to back into the payment a bit by just dumping everything into the acquisition fee. The car has 4,338 miles on it. I’m paying the MD taxes up front and rolling the fees into the lease (for now). Calculations shown include Autopay, but not MSDs (I’ll add that when I finalize the deal).

Any suggestions? Is this is a pretty good deal? Thanks!

Why is the acquisition fee 2.2k?

I wasn’t able to make the calculator treat everything except the taxes as being rolled into the payments, so I just dumped all of the fees and acquisition cost in that field. The acquisition fee is $1,095.

That means either the sales price is higher, there is cap cost redcution, and/or the MF is elevated.

So I went ahead and got the car. Had to drive 3 hours to Northern NJ, but this was considerably better than the offers I was getting in MD.

MSRP $48,905
Sales Price $37,405
MF after Autopay and 10 MSDs = 0.00028
Monthly payment $299.82

This was a loaner with 4,390 miles, P2 and a few other options. 36/12 on the lease.

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Which dealer? Was anything due at signing other than first and MSD?

Looks like a great deal - kudos

The dealer was Prestige in Paramus. Had a great experience there with my salesperson and other staff. Message me if you want his info.

Only other thing due at signing was MD taxes. :sob:

that is slick… 4matic MF is lower than sedan. were you able to stack your fleet discount atop?

4matic is not sedan?

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I mean RWD sedan. thank you for point out.

What dealer was this?

How did you get such s huge discount off MSRP?

It looks like it was a loaner, which helps I’d imagine.

I was able stack just a small piece of the PenFed discount. For Sept. it had gone up to $2,500. They allowed $500 of it to apply.

Prestige in Paramus, NJ.

As far as the discount goes, I wish I could say I was type of master negotiator, but I basically just asked for a bigger discount and said I would take the car that weekend. They knocked off around $1,250 from the listed price and then I asked about the PenFed discount and that knocked off another $500.

A big item for me was that they did not markup the MF. All of the dealers in MD I was working with had marked that up and wouldn’t reduce to base.

They can’t stack the dealer cash with the Fleet/Penfed rebate. So they had to take off $2,000 and apply the $2,500.

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the fleet discount only worth $500 i guess, has anyone take full advantage of this fleet discount? last month $2000 vs $1500, this month $2500 vs $2000. the $500 raised on both fleet/dealercash seems to break even the 1% RV loss from 61%(??) to 60%. MB got a good formula behind.

The car manufacturers aren’t dumb, they have actuaries sitting in the background with complex models where they can analyze the impact of multiple incentive changes on their overall sales/profitability. Volvo did a similar thing with increasing incentives and reducing residuals for September.