2017 Mazda 6 touring automatic Bose/Sunroof/Sat Radio

I am new to the community, I am looking to lease 2017 Mazda 6 touring automatic with Bose/Moonroof/Sat Radio Package- $27,405 MSRP, I have an offer from dealer for $300.00 per month including everything(tax,tags,bank fee, acquisition) 36 months 12,000 miles per year. $300.00 x 36 months = $10,800.00 total cost over 36 months. Can I do better? thank you everyone.

Depends but you would need to get a breakdown if possible. Sales price, residual, mf, tax rate, fees,. That would make it easy to evaluate. For 300 a month i got a 35k MSRP dodge charger just to give you an idea. Search forum for 2016 dodge charger deal NY to get an idea.

The 2017 Mazda6 with G-Vectoring is a great car! You’ll love it. I would go for the Grand Touring with the adaptive cruise control and lane keeping assist.

I just started reaching out to get some figures on the Mazda 6 as well. I’ll follow up with details of any offers I get for comparison. If anyone is checking figures out I’m in Delaware myself and would appreciate any help on residuals, etc.

So here’s the details of the offers I’ve received so far, all via email:

2017 Mazda 6 Touring, Bose/Sunroof/Sat Radio package + Premium Package

MSRP: $29,060
Cap Cost: 27,879
Residual: 36mo/45k miles - $14,820.60
MF: .00012
Monthly: $375 for 36 months and 45k total miles.

MSRP: $29,130
Sale Price: $26, 570
$540 x 24 @ 15,000 miles per year (0.00052 factor, $17,478 residual $540 due at signing)
$516 x 24 @ 12,000 miles per year (0.00052 factor, $18,060 residual $516 due at signing)
$411 x 39 @ 15,000 miles per year (0.00041 factor, $14,565 residual $411 due at signing)
$396 x 39 @ 12,000 miles per year (0.00041 factor, $15,147 residula $396 due at signing)

Last offer so far hasn’t given me any details yet except 39 months at 12k per for $345/month or $359 for 39 months at 15k per.

For that kind of money you could get a better car in my opinion. Are those payments plus tax and fees or all included?

$300.00 per month includes tax tags bank fee and acquisition. It is 36 payments of 300. That’s it. Nothing else. No down payment. No security deposit. Nothing but 36 equal payments of $300

Tax and tags included on the first I posted, not stated on the others. But yes, definitely some disappointing numbers there.

Well if you totally happy with it than go for it, and if it is exactly what you want but not the best deal out there in terms of lease hacking. Like i said we need all the info.

Wow, I’ve noticed that Mazda’s numbers/incentives hadn’t been strong lately but I didn’t know they were that bad.

I currently have a 2016 Touring with, Bose/Sunroof & Tech and I’m paying $265. My lease is for 33 months/12k. Sign and drive including VA’s 4.25% tax rolled in. In my opinion there is no way the Mazda6 is worth that much per month.

That’s 51% residual for 36/15k so very likely 53% for 36/12k… they would really prefer you buy the car instead. If you insist on leasing it, they are ensuring none of the cars come back under water (market value < residual) for them

Jumping in here.

First time on the forum and first time leasing. Was wondering if someone could tell me if this is a good deal?

2017 Mazda 6 Touring with Bose/Sunroof Package - Deep Crystal Blue - NJ
MSRP - 27445
Sale Price - 25008
Rebates - 1442
Fees - 706
Taxes - 847.12
MF - 0.00002
Resid - 51%

Monthly - 306