2017 Maserati Quattroporte Lease Numbers

Michael, do you have the numbers for the Quattroporte S and Q4 for 24/36/39 12k leases? Are the numbers different on the GranLusso trim? This is in California. Thanks.

Can anyone provide these numbers? Thanks.

Not that many LH folks are shopping for this car, but here are the final numbers that I got for my BIL:

2017 Quattroporte GranLusso
MSRP $115.4K
Selling $87.9K
Payment $1,034+tax
MF 0.00127
Residual 45%
Driveoff $2,500
Includes 4 years factory maintenance

I also got the S Q4 down to $1,010+tax from another dealer (0.00082MF 45% res).

Dayum. Gone are the days of the $699/month $0 down Quattroporte I suppose…

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Yeah those are both pretty atrocious deals; better off waiting until next year models come around. $699 0 down quattroporte & $499 0 down SQ4 Ghibli’s just a few months back if you picked up a remaining 2016 model.

What what what what
vroom vroom vroom vroom

I am gonna pop some tags
Got 699 in my pocket
I am leasehacking, looking for a come up
This Quattroporte is awesome.

Nah Walk up to the club like, What up, I got a big car
I’m just pumped, just leased some wheels from the thrift shop


Sorry bud- can’t help you with this one. Just curious- Any reason why you decided on the Quattroporte?

That’s what my BIL wanted so I got him the best deal this month. Appreciate the feedback but there were no $699 deals to be had. My numbers came only after a last-ditch bidding war. Even highest volume Anaheim Hills bowed out at the end.

I’m sure the numbers would have been better on the 2016 but there was a mid-cycle refresh that he wanted in the 2017s. Plus he got the exact car and color combo that he wanted and that’s worth paying for to some people.

Looking to lease a 2017 QP and not sure if April is the best month for rates. Coming off a 2015 Ghibli in August and Maserati will cover the last four lease payments. Had a 24 month lease but non seem to be available at a reasonable price
Looking at a GranLussco trim about 120K and being quoted 1320 all in with inceptions only on a 36 month lease 10K miles per year
Thanks in advance for your helpful comments

QPs should lose 20-25k off the top from MSRP typically. Sometimes I’ve seen 40k off but that’s when they want to dispense with them quickly.

What state are you in?

I live in Pennsylvannia

That would be nice. I am only being offered about 16,000 discount including $4500 in loyalty from Maserati

Dealer is offering a GranLussco listing at 120,700 for 105,000
36 months at 1317 all in just inceptions

Wish, I knew that!!!

New to this forum but interested in leasing a 2017 Quattroporte Q4 or possibly GTS. Based in SoCal. I checked prices on TrueCar and dealers offer anywhere between 15-20% off MSRP. When would be the best time to lease between now and December? Dealer told me they were placing orders for the 2018 models now, arriving in Sep/Oct. Is this a good time to lease a 2017 or better wait?

Where could I find residuals and MFs for Quattroportes? I’d like to use the lease calculator to get ballpark values.

Would the 1% of MSRP “rule-of-thumb” apply for premium cars too? The deals posted on this thread seem way above 1% MSRP. Does this mean they are bad deals?

Please forgive my ignorance, I’m new to the game but eager to learn! :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance for any replies.

As soon as the 2018s rubber hits the lot.

They’ll be blowing them off the rooftops!

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I have talked to several dealers around the country and the residuals on a 36-month lease for a “S” and “SQ4” (Non GTS model) seem to be in 50%/51% range for 10K miles and regarding the interest rate equivalent for the money factor I’ve been told as low as .74% to 1.34% (for top tier credit).
ALSO, I’ve seen some cars online advertising as much as 27%-28% off of MSRP and numerous are advertising 15% (and up) discount, and if I’m referring to nicely equipped cars (that is if you don’t mind that ugly “Radica” wood lol)
Last, yes the alternatives will be more scarce in the fall but the programs should be fantastic.

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Excellent information, thank you @JDG.

I’m noticing you mention “non-GTS” models. Would you reckon MF and RV to be higher or lower for the top-end model?

Thanks again for chiming in.

PS: Radica wood is atrocious! :smiley:

Can anyone else confirm that the Conquest program went to 6 months and lease cash to $6000 ?