2017 Maserati Levante SQ4 $94K MSRP- Lease buy out $51K

If anyone is interested in my lease buyout, send me a message. Details on link below.

30K Miles
Still under factory Warranty

Might help to post photos, build sheet and vehicle condition.

Thanks, post edited

This is going to be such a hassle for you. Why not just turn it in? Are you trying to save the dispo fee?

I have 4-5 months remaining on the lease, the payoff amount is included to cover this.
Honestly should have done this earlier. I driven the car 3 times in 2020 :slight_smile:

Got it. Good luck selling a soon to be out of warranty Mas here!

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It’s got 1 full year or another 20K miles (Sale took place in 2018). And the opportunity to buy ext warranty. But Thanks for your concern




Just a word of advice from someone who has sold 15 or 20 used cars privately…you might want to drive it to a parking lot or a park and take decent pictures. These are awful.


See, listen to the expert above. Give him a high 5 because that will definitely sell it.

Good luck on your sale.


I love it when someone trying to sell a car originally worth nearly 100k takes photos as if their budget for a cell phone was $50.


I took my trophy garage Volvo picks with a free iPad. In terms of msrp to device msrp, its hard to beat dividing by 0.

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Yea, the photos are going to be the problem here.


Only thing worse are realty photographs

I was curious:


Back when I was into flipping cars I once bought a 1998 Accord LX off Craigslist with one horrible pic and no description for $1400, inspected and detailed it in my garage that night, took awesome pics the next morning, and sold it that day for $3000. I almost felt bad :laughing:


Great I’ll offer OP 39k to be fair…

I don’t think the photos are that bad. I have seen a lot worse here…people that take only one photo of the exterior. I just looked at an ad here for a bronze 330 in Oregon like that. At least this OP included interior shots.

Thank you for the feedback. Will note the photo issue for the next sale.

Transfer completed. Mods please close the thread.