2017 Maserati Ghibli Base MSRP $74,725 $241/mo $6,441 Drive Off 5k/36mo YMMV

So ran across this interesting ad on Slickdeals. Credit goes to munzdeals92 of slickdeals. Lets see if anyone can replicate and/or reverse engineer.

They are using edmunds price promise (car buying service) so YMMV:

Edmunds Price Promise

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5k/mo? Maybe if you lived on key west and weren’t driving anywhere for the next 3 months…

I drive 15k year.

Id get a fleet of 3 Ghiblis for the price of my X5

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For 0 down, I’ll be down with 5k/yr for that price.

Can this be combined with the Chase Private Client 7% discount? That would make it very slick.

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$420 a month effective, even for 5K miles a year isn’t bad for a $75K car. Not bad at all.

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If you have any luck with that please share it !

You can always up the miles, only the residual goes down/price goes up but not by much.

Excess miles is $0.30/mile. So if you were to double the miles and drive 10K a year the effective payment would be $545/mo.

I think I just talked myself into this lease, lol.

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So just to confirm its 545 a montg with only 35 payments for 10k a year? Sounds great.

I can’t confirm anything I’m just a messenger passing online information YMMV and try to replicate at your local dealer.

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Plus taxes and all fees

I see. I guess i missed that in the ad. Still getting close to 488 deals.

Right you are. The drive-off includes 1st month.

Do you have to pay sales tax on excess mileage?

No you dont…20char

I saw this one on SD as well. Good job for crediting the source. Like!

I guess Maserati really wanted to artificially inflate the MSRP to such an extent, it’s almost becoming common knowledge that dealerships will take 15-20 grand off the MSRP.

Pricing error according to post #41 on SD, they won’t honor the deal. This best offer on their website is $489/mo (with $4k down)- nothing special compared to nearby dealers - though they do offer $18k off another vehicle.

So the GMC model then :slight_smile: