2017 Lincoln MKZ Reserve AWD 3.0T $425 a month NYC located

I have up for grabs is a great short term lease on a beautiful 2017 mkz awd 3.0T 400HP

MSRP - 48,000
Months left - 6
Miles per month - 2166
Monthly payment- 425 per month after 1k incentive

great short term lease for anyone that needs alot of miles.
i will post pictures of the car soon
but attached is the window sticker.

You’ll get more traction with a listing here if you just simply break down your offer.

Months left -
Miles per month -
Monthly payment w/ $X incentive applied

It’s hard to read your paragraph. Also include photos if possible.

i will be posting photos later

Hi is the car still available?

there is only 3 payments left

I’ll take it if you’re interested.