2017 Lexus rx 350 lease

2017 lexus rx350 fwd
52800 MSRP

36x10k @ 465 p/month tax included (6% tax)
500 total out of pocket


Excess wear and tear ($795)
Tire package ($795)

Is this a good deal?

Thank you.


Looks like a good deal, with the wear packages included. I personally wouldn’t get them, but everyone is different.

why not use MSDs and lower payment more?

Skip the excess wear and tear. This is a extremely high profit item for the dealership. Unless you’re riding around with a zoo full of animals you’ll be okay.

Depends, they gave me half off. Everything is negotiable try to negotiate it down. If you have a fender bender, don’t put in a cliam just hand it in like that. I personally would get it and use it. For lexus, it covers you up to 7500, which is a lot.