2017 Lexus NX300H Lease evaluation

Lease Gurus,
Thanks for the amazing info here. Wanted to get your thoughts on this deal I am trying to put together on a 2017 Lexus NX300H

MSRP: 47,183
Sale Price: 46,011 ( Seems too less discount. How much should I push for. I thought at least 3-4K less than MSRP)
Incentives/Rebates I am hoping for:
$2,500 Lease Cash (this shows up on Lexus website for my zipcode for their lease deal)
$1,000 Lexus Loyalty cash (current lexus owner)
$1,000 College Grad
$1,000 PGA Bonus Certificate (someone was kind enough to share a certificate- hope they accept it)

Money Factor= one dealer told me 0.0007 ( so I am going to push for that with others as well. What should I expect)
36 months/10K miles
Residual= 59% (I am surprised it is not 61% as for the Rx450H. Should I push for higher residual. Guess not in dealer’s hand)
Planning to put in 7 MSD’s

If I get an MSRP of $44,183 and put all these into calculator, I get a monthly payment of $330 with a drive off of $4,658.

Can you please help with what should I push for and how to go about it? This is my first time getting into a lease.

Thanks a ton for your help!

First, you should read and understand the basics of leasing first. You cannot negotiate RV as it is set by the bank and cannot be changed (even by dealer).

You are correct in that the discount off MSRP is too little. Research to see what others have paid, before incentives. Just a guess, but you should be able to get at least 10% off.

Thanks everyone for a great resource on leases. I am a convert now :slight_smile:

Wanted to close the loop on where I landed. If you are in midwest, great time to lease a NX200T .
MSRP: 42,438
Selling Price: 38,500 (should have pushed for more. Believe me where I live dealers are not willing to budge or I was too tired)
Incentives: 2,500 Lease cash (in widest. My friend bought one in CA and it was $2000 there)
$1000 PGA Certificate
MF: 0.0006 (in CA it was 0.0008)
Residual: 59%
I put down 7MSD for 2,450 and my MF became 0.00004

does PGA certificate have unique code attached to name of applicant? Im in market for nx200

I walked in a local Lexus over the weekend just to get an idea of how much NX200t AWD F-sport can be leased. After 5 minutes of straightforward negotiation, I was able to get $414 a month w/ 9% tax included w/ $0 down and $0 upfront fees and maximum MSDs.

This is for 36 months/7500 miles allowance a year.

NX200t F-sport is $44k in MSRP. I didn’t sign it because I wanted it to be $350.

No PGA certification, no Lexus loyalty, no military, no college grad… lol

After the same deal down in south florida $350, it would make a nice Holiday gift for the wife :grimacing: