2017 Lexus IS - NJ Lease Deal - $2k down, $367/mth, 12k miles, 9 MSDs

Lexus IS 300 AWD w/ Navigation, Premium Pkg , and Blind Spot, Cargo Mat

  • MSRP 44500

I was offered $2k down for $367/month. Its a 36 month lease w/ 12k miles/yr. This is in the NJ area. I’m also putting down 9MSD’s.

What should I negotiate down to? or should I take this deal?

Thanks for all your help, first time leaser have no clue what to do lol. The lease 101 page has been great!

I’ve had great experience with Lexus of Greenwhic, CT. PM if you want a contact for the salesperson I worked with on my last Lexus lease.

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Hard to believe that they even negotiate there :slight_smile:


Lexus is basically the Suzuki of Greenwich.


Many Hackrs have had great experiences with Ray Catena Lexus of Freehold in the past. I’d search the forum to see what salesman they used


I agree, we’ve bought a Rx from them and just recently leased a new Rx as well. But not sure what a good deal for a IS looks like?

Oh no they charge you the most! Most people go there because they want the Greenwich plate frames


any input guys regarding the price? thanks any help appreciated!

Story Time: I was in the service department of Greenwich Mercedes, getting my Mercedes serviced. I didn’t buy the car here, but they have the best service department, IMO. I hear one lady screaming at the top of her lungs while I was in the loaner/pull-in area. I was wondering what she was screaming about. I thought maybe there was some damage on her car. BUT NO!!! The dealer had taken off her “Palm Beach” frames and put “Greenwich” frames on her E class. She was furious, making all sorts of demands, asking for the service manager and wanted to speak to the owner, keep in mind its a Penske dealer. She went all sorts of crazy in this place, they had to ask her to leave.

Funny story about the frames. I have Greenwhich frames on my car. : )

Several vehicles go, I got a CT for under 250/month at Greenwhich and thought at the time it was an excellent deal. Not sure what the deals are here for them because I have not looked and did not know about this website then.

If you are near metro north, it is easy to get to and the people working there are very nice. They are by far better than Lexus of Manhattan or Jaguar of Manhattan (the worst!).

You probably got a good deal on a CT because they ordered it by mistake, everyone in greenwich wants the rx or lx.