2017 Lexus GX 460 Premium Quote

Quote on a GX 460 Lease

MSRP: 59k
Selling Price: $52,126
Total Cap Cost: $52,529
Residual: $37,210
MF: 0.000550

36/10 Sign and Drive: $518.00 including tax. I’m in So. Cal. Good deal or can I do better? Thanks!

can you do MSD’s on this lease?

Yes, I believe so. Saw that this vehicle also has $3,000 lease cash available from Lexus.

Do msd to get your payment lower

Where are you seeing the $3k lease cash? Is it $2k plus $1k for military/college grad, if you qualify?

I was wrong, 3k is for purchase. $1500 is the lease rebate on the GX

you got pga, college grad, and loyalty? pm me.