2017 Lexus Es350 south Florida

So I’m currently leasing a 2015 Lexus es350 and my dealership called and asked if I wanted to swap out early with 6 months left to make for a 2017.

My terms are
10k miles / 27 months
9 msd payments (already paid)
$355 a month
Msrp $40,209

Here’s the catch I lose blind spot detection and a few other features and basically it’s a base model.

Please chime in I’d like to hear your opinions if it’s worth it or go for a different brand.

Im in the same boat, my '15 ES350 lease ends in a few months and I was offered to swap out my ES350 for another Lexus(ES/GS) before the lease ended. I am 3000 miles over my allotted mileage already so looking for options as well. I tried to trade it for a BMW but unfortunately the trade in value I am being offered is $4k-$5k lower than the payoff amount.I think the front face lift on the 2016 ES350 models has lowered the value of the 2015 ES350s.

I’m actually way under my miles on my current lease.

I would wait until the end of the year to do anything. You aren’t in a big rush, and the deal can only get better. Is it a Lexus pull ahead program or are they just rolling your existing payments into a new lease?

@sam823 if you’re already that much over the milage limit then you should really get a new car because that’s only going to get worse. You probably have a good chance of getting a decent deal on a lexus now for december to remember and letting the dealership take the car in without penalizing you for the over milage. I personally would wait until last week of Dec because dealers will want to make their year end sales count and are more likely to deal.

My decision would be based on:

  1. am i good with miles (you say you’re way under)
  2. do i need tires soon
  3. how much out of pocket did i pay at signing and how much money do i have to put out of pocket on a new lease.
  4. how good of a deal did i get last time and how good of a deal am i getting now
  5. do i like my current car/do i want a new car

So if you’re within the miles, your tires have a lot of tread and you like the car, i’d drive it and maybe even consider extending the lease (u can for up to 6 mo with lexus), especially if i like my car and if i put $1000+ out of pocket.

If you’re struggling with your milage limit, you’re going to have to buy tires soon and you can get a new lease with little out of pocket expense (other than MSDs), i’d get into a new one but i’d tell the dealer you won’t take one with less equipment than what you have now. In other words, if you’re going to get a new one it needs to be equal or better than what you have now otherwise why bother.

That’s what I’m thinking as well 305Hackr.

I’m in a good position I think and the only reason I’m considering is because they called me to swap out now) 6 months early) , otherwise I would have waited till I had 3 months left on my lease and started shopping around for the best deal.

Other than that what do you think of my terms and payments? Can I do better than this on this car or look for a different brand?

I have been offered a 2016 GS350 for 11k less than msrp but I am more inclined to get a BMW 4 series GC or a 5 series for the same money. Unfortunately though the '15 Lexus ES350 has depreciated much more than its payoff so I am having a tough time trading it in with other brands.

I love the tech features on a car (adaptive cruise control, lane keeping assistance, BLIS, etc.) They make driving so much easier. Personally I would way rather keep or even buy the existing car with the gizmos than get a new base model.

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What the sales guy told me they would be rolled into the new vehicle price but my payments remain the same

I’m looking for a lease take over for a 2015 and newer Lexus ES 350. Please contact me if you have one. Thanks!