2017 Land Rover Discovery Sport HSE Luxury

Anyone have experience dealing with Land Rover?

In the market for a smaller SUV for the wife. Im looking at X1 and X3, GLC, even the new Tiguan, but just stumbled upon the 2017 Discovery Sport HSE Lux. Never really considered it and have not seen much on the forum.

Doing some research, looks like a 39 month lease is the best. MF looks to be 0.0001 (edmunds), so not sure doing MSD would help (not even sure LR does MSDs)

Im also seeing $3000 Allowance, $900 Dealer Cash, $1000 bonus cash (autobytel) , not how much of that I can get??

To put some feelers out there I reached out a dealer to get a quote and was quote just 3% off MSRP + 1000 rebate, however when looking at price history on truecar (someone tell me if there is a better site for this) looks like some people paid 17% under msrp. Havent even driven the car yet, so didnt want to counter with anything before I knew whats even possible.

That said, being end of Dec, what is realistic? Can I expect 17% off + all the cash available ($4900)? Do you think Im dreaming if I push for 20% off + Incentives?

Constructive criticisms please…

These prices include all or some applicable incentives, not just dealers’ discounts.

Don’t think Landrover negotiates. And their residuals stink.

might be worth looking into discovery loaners, i’ve seen some ads for loaners if you’re looking for a bigger discount.