2017 Kia Sorento SX Limited - Los Angeles, CA

Looking for an SUV/Crossover/Minivan with the latest safety tech. Kia Sorento has everything I want, has been getting good reviews, and has a great interior and feature list. Sent off a TrueCar request, and this is the best deal I could get, for $0 down:

24 Mo / 12K - $478 - $4,600 rebate on this one
36 mo / 10K - $447 - $1,200 rebate on this one

Money factors are high (higher than 2.7% APR)

Interesting tidbit - the regular SX with Tech package (the only package) was $448 for 36/10 lease. The Limited is ~$3K more, but ended up being cheaper to lease by a buck. Sadly, by the time I got to the numbers, only two black Limiteds were left in stock (not good for SoCal). They would not budge on those numbers.