2017 Kia Sorento Ex V6 with the Tech package, Am I getting a good deal?

12,000 miles a year for 39 months.

I think I am getting a good deal.
But what is Add’d Cap Items? Seems like some sort of mark up to me?


Additional cap items are the acquisition fee (non discretionary) and whatever the 425 in add-ons are (tint?). Deal seems at least decent. Somebody that knows Kia better than myself would need to evaluate.

What is cap cost reduction? Is that a rebate? I mean it is below 1% rule.

you should be getting 12% off of MSRP

That was 2 weeks of emailing back and forth, no one would go lower than 10% off.

I ended up getting a different trim

It was less than $20 difference a month, so I took it. It was a zero down drive off.

Prob not the greatest deal in the world, but I think I did okay.

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Enjoy the SUV. Seems like a decent deal as it’s $0 drive-off and passes the 1% rule. Odd that 24 months was cheaper than 39 months. Any reason you chose the 39 months term?

I choose the 39 months as we really like the sorento, just had a baby, and finally we have another lease that has exactly 24 months left. I don’t want to run the risk of not being able to find a good deal.

On a side note, if anyone else has gotten good/better deals, please chime in as I would like to know how well I did on my deal.

New to forum and first car lease…

Kia Sorento - 3.3 LX, V6 AWD - upgrade interior PKG, $3000 down - $359/month + tax…Payments are $378 total - $15k miles - credit score 634 - 36 months…Did I get hosed? Thanks.

If you already got the car, just enjoy it. Your credit may have increased your interest rate but without a lot more numbers, hard to tell. The $3,000 down adds $83/mo to your “effective payment”.

If you have your paperwork, go to the top navigation, leasing 101 > how to calculate lease payments by hand

Thanks for the feedback. I will calculate by hand. Just curious though, what other #s would you need to know if I got an OK deal?

The numbers you need are on that page. Most of the deals start by picking out the right car and lease program (good RV) and then figuring out what incentives are for the month. Once you get there, it is really a matter of how much discount you can get off MSRP which is where you have to call around and see which dealers have cars sitting on the lot and they need to move.

I would say most of the time, people lurk here for a couple of months before they need a car to get a feel. If you see a good deal, you jump on it like the Chevy’s last month

By the #s on calulate my lease by hand, it should have been 325/mo

When I was looking into the Sorento these past couple weeks—to give you frame of reference—numbers I was able to get…

2017 Sorento EX AWD V6 w/Premium package

MSRP: $38,385
Discounted Price: $36,233
Rebates: $3,200
RV: 57%
MF: 0.00067
Months: 36
Mileage: 12K

Is it just me, or do others also get annoyed by posts like this which leave out the monthly payment, which is an exercise of the reader??

Regarding my post above—$369 per month.