2017 Kia optima sxl

So I found out that Kia is giving $5500 lease cash for 36m. How much % off msrp should I go for? I checked the kbb site and it says the average % off msrp is about 9% without the rebate. I want the payment to be <250 if that is possible. Thanks in advance!

You go for whatever you can get. Take the average of the different sites. Not just KBB because KBB is more for person to person transactions, take NADAguides, truecar, cargurus into account also


Still makes for a horrid lease. The residuals are terrible. You will be at $340 a month sign and drive.

Thanks a lot! I heard about a tax credit in Texas. Do you think I can expect that from kia?

If you are referring to Hurricane related relief:

$750 Hurricane Harvey Flood Relief Cash
2017 Optima

$750 Hurricane Harvey Relief Offer available on the purchase or lease of any new 2017 Optima to any customer who (1) is the registered owner of a vehicle that incurred damaged on or after August 25, 2017 as a result of flooding in Texas and Louisiana that was caused by Hurricane Harvey; (2) has a valid insurance claim submitted to their insurer that indicates damage to their vehicle as a result of flooding in Texas and Louisiana that was caused by Hurricane Harvey; and (3) is 18 years of age or older. Offer may be combined with cash incentives from Kia Motors America and finance or lease offers from Kia Motors Finance; see dealer for details. Must take delivery from retailer stock by 1/2/2018.

Hyundai has a similar program…

Not the Hurricane relief. I read other posts about bmw leases and some of them mentioned about tax credits that dealers offer occasionally. I am not so sure if that is a thing just for bwm. I was wondering if i could get that from kia.

It’s not just for BMW. It applies to every manufacturer

How can I get it? Do I just ask for it? Do dealers give that out easily if it is available?