2017 Kia Optima Plug-In Hybrid EX - help with understanding numbers?

I got the following proposal for a lease - for which I can;t make the numbers add up using the lease calculator. Can you let me know what I’m doing incorrectly?

Lease Details
Retail Price: 36,700.00
Sales Price: 33,030.00
Savings: 3,670.00
Accessories: 0.00
Service Contract: 0.00
Government Fees: 408.75
Documentation Fee: 80.00
Capitalized Taxes: 0.00
Security Deposit: 0.00
Acquisition Fee: 595.00
Gross Cap Cost: 34,105.00
Trade Allowance: 0.00
Trade Payoff:0.00
Trade Equity: 0.00
Rebate: 8,919.00
Cash Down: 0.00
Net Cap Cost: 25,186.00

Term: 36 Monthly
Payment: $321 to $331
Upfront Taxes: 869.60
Amount Due: 1,198.84

When I asked about the RV/MF, this is what was supplied:
Residual: 48%
Money Factor: 0.00191

Plugging all that in the lease calculator, I get the following result (Assuming sales tax of 9.25%):

Monthly Payment (Excl. Tax): $278
Monthly Payment (incl. tax): $303
Drive Off: $791
First month’s payment incl. tax: $303
Down payment: $0
Registration and doc fee: $480
Tax on cap cost reduction and fees: $7
Leasehackr Score: 11 years
Disposition Fee: $400
Total Lease Cost: $11,412

(See attached screenshot)

It seems there is a bit of discrepancy in the figures (LH expects I pay at most $303, dealer asks for unto $331) - who is correct?

Also, assuming the dealer agrees to the figure LH calculates as above, how good a deal is this? Any tips to make it sweeter (negotiate the MF as I’ve Tier 1 credit, or the MSRP discount)? I qualify for new grad discount of $400, which i want to let them know last - is that a standard practice?

Your drive off is wrong on the LH model. You didn’t edit the doc fee and registration. This incentive is taxed, which isn’t included in the screenshot

Document fee is included in LH, and the government fee is 408.75 (opposed to 400 populated by LH).

What should I include in the drive-off - all 3 fees are accounted for in the calculator?

Sorry I didn’t get if all fees were accounted for, but the 800 in tax on the incentive could be rolled in if it’s not upfront accounting for the difference

Something in your quote from the dealer is being rolled in, I can’t tell what. I’d ask for a breakdown of the due at signing