2017 Kia Niro Ex

Year: [2017]
Make, Model, and Trim: [Kia Niro EX]
Months/Annual Mileage: [36/12K]
Zip Code: [33578]

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I’m also interested in the car but it hasn’t hit the dealers yet so don’t think we will see any real numbers for a while.

Just left the dealership and test drove one. They got them in on Friday. The lease they offered is $226 for 36/mo 15,000 miles on the LX model.

How much down for that monthly price? And how did you like the way it drives? btw, several dealers I’ve talked to in CA say they won’t be available here for another month or 2.

I said 5000 down and they came back with that price on an LX. That didn’t sound good to me. So I’m going to another dealer this weekend. They have 6 in inventory and said they could give me a better deal. I loved the car and it was a smooth ride. It was very quiet and had good pickup. There’s a lot of options depending on the trim.

The one I went to yesterday weren’t sure when they would get them in when I talked with them in December. They got them on Friday and no one at the dealership had much knowledge of the car. They had quite a few though. So hopefully they’ll roll out in CA soon. They have a couple of Superbowl commercials for the car so I would think they would want them in dealerships by then.

That’s terrible with $5K down on a 23K car and your total drive off would be even higher. Run from that deal. Note that brand new models usually take a few months before leases start getting reasonable. In a year these cars will be dirt cheap, especially if gas prices stay low.

Kia Niro’s are now available in CA. This dealer is advertising LX models for $199/mo with $1,999 due at signing, 12K/39mo:


That’s an awesome deal! I’m going to see a dealer this weekend. Hopefully they can match it. I’m in Florida but it gives me some room to negotiate.

36/12K: 55% RV, .00090 MF
All: $2,000 lease cash
Targeted: $400 grad, $400 military

Do you have the numbers for the LX trim 11201?

This $199 + 2k down is based on 24k MSRP. This dealer only has one in stock which is 34k MSRP, so I don’t think you will be getting any good deals on the NIro yet. Patience …

36/12K: 58% RV, .00118 MF
All: $2,000 lease cash
Targeted: $400 grad, $400 military

Has anyone got quotes for a fully loaded version. I’ve never test driven the car, but seems pretty impressive to have 50MPG on a crossover!

LOL [20 chars…]

Is it not a crossover? :slight_smile: I can’t keep up.

That’s what the VW told people who bought the diesel/TDI - 50 mpg and no pollution :slight_smile:

No idea what they call Niro, but maybe it qualifies :slight_smile: For me - crossover is something bigger.

Niro means unicorn in Korean.

Just kidding…

I always thought crossover was smaller, this looks pretty close to a compact SUV from what I can tell.

Crossover has nothing to do with size. It just means it was built on top of a car platform (unibody) rather than a traditional SUV’s truck platform (body on frame) like a Toyota 4Runner, LandCruiser and GM’s Tahoe/Suburban family.

Everything from a small Honda HrV to a 3-row Infiniti QX60 is a crossover.