2017 Jetta SE manual transmission

Volkswagen Jetta SE 1.4T w/manual trans
36/12K and 36/10K

Any Incentives?

Also looking for this info - hoping any hackers can help out.

I found many incentives on autobytel but its very unclear what can be stacked - can anyone assist?


Have you done any negotiation yet? Just curious to see what kind of prices others are getting.

So far I have gotten my local dealer to 35 payments of $167 including tax and a drive off of $495 on a brand new Jetta SE with manual transmission for a 12k a year lease.

Not sure if I should push anymore as this seems like a pretty good deal to me.

For your entertainment I googled a couple dealers near me. Note the first one is a sign and drive lease. Note that they are both for an Automatic Jetta S (not an SE), not the manual trans.

Norm Reeves VW in Irvine:

VW South Coast:

For reference, I am driving a 2016 Jetta Sport 1.8 TSI manual with lightning package on a 24mo/ 15k miles year lease and paying $228 including tax per month (23 months) with zero drive off.

The residuals are crap on this vehicle, I received one at 48% and one at 49% hence why I am looking for something definitive here.

They have to make up for it with discounts at this point - I got the following:
discount 3500
lease rebate 1000 (I think its their model year end bonus cash)
Fees I don’t have handy, but between acquisition, fees, etc its about 1k
money factor .00001
residual 48%
$192 payment 36 months @ 12k miles

I agree that the rv is crap, but I think I’m gonna go for$165 with $495 down.

Seems like a pretty good deal and the car is actually really well equipped and fun to drive.

Only other comparable car for the same money, maybe a little less, is the Elantra.

However, what Jetta might lack in features, to me it makes it up in passenger space.

Ended up with a 19 and change sticker price

$179 sign and drive all in for 36 month 12k/year lease