2017 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sport

I am confused, I was looking at leasing one and i’ve come across this model but the dealer installed options is confusing me, the dealer told me they want it gone because it’s been on the lot for almost 2 months.

Now they went and ran my credit, I let them because I was curious if Chrysler Capital would approve a lease for me. When they came back they said they could do $499/mo +tax, with 1k due at signing, now if I could get that to 38-420 a month im 100% game.

I’m trying to calculate a lease but the Tx Accessorys is messing me up…

$8462 in dealer options!? What the hell did they do to it…buy a trailer and an ATV?

Assuming the dealer installed accessories were worth the asking price (likely not), they are not a good value on a lease. As they are not considered in the residual value by the leasing company, you are effectively paying for 100% of the price of the accessories. I would focus on one of the models with the highest residual values discussed in another thread without any dealer accessories.

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Does anyone know the residual on my first post?