2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee limited

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Can you let me know what you think? 15k 39months with the taxes and 1st payment up front. They’re picking up the last 3 payments of my Murano lease. $464 per month. I’m on Long Island .

What dealer is this? What is MSRP? Sales price? Rebates? I assume you got conquest of 1000. You need to break it down man.

Westbury Jeep
MSRP is $39,995 but it has options (Connect with Nav) and a sunroof that bring it to $44,075.
They gave me friends and family discounts. I don’t have the breakdown…only the sticker. I guess I should have had him make a copy.

MSRP includes all options so its 44k then. Knowing the market since been on search for the same car, having some experience with westbury, and since you want 15k miles, its an ok deal.

Thanks for your reply…he said that he would go lower when I was ready to lease. Do you know anything about Smithaven Jeep or Huntington. I live in Suffolk. I’m going to take this price to Smithtown
What do you think about using a broker?

You need to read and learn to understand leasing and such before making a deal. It will save you a lot of time when you negotiate