2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 4x4 Lease

NJ dealership gave me a quote for a JGCL V6 4X4 I’ve been talking with them on and off about.

The term is as follows until March 31st:
36 Month / 10K Miles
MSRP $40,990
Sales Price: Unknown
Discount: Unknown
Incentives: Unknown
Residual: $23360.40 (~57%)
MF: Unknown
Tags, Taxes and Dealer Fees: Rolled into monthly
Drive Offs: $1000
Lease Payment $380.45

So that’s the monthly with $1K down and all taxes/tags/dealer fees included. Is this a good deal? Sorry for all the unknowns at the moment (will update), and for the sudden request, we couldn’t make up our minds on which vehicle we wanted. I have an appointment to close this tomorrow afternoon EST.

I mean it is an ok deal. Nothing earth shattering but you should get some info either through here or edmunds for rebates and such. Cars.com will list them too. Get MF and residual and see if there is IDL cash. Man thats probably the base limited. No nav or sunroof.

Where in Jersey?

What rebates do you qualify for?

From what I see, I qualify for the following rebates:

$750 Customer Cash Allowance
$750 Regional Customer Bonus Cash
$1,000 Conquest Bonus Offer (trading in a Hyundai)
$4,000 IDL Bonus Rebate (if not required to use Chrysler Capital)

is in South Jersey

EDIT: Also, $2000 Customer Incentive (seen on kbb)

Yep, it’s the bare-bones Limited.

You should be less if you use US bank i think.

Thanks, I will see if the dealership requires me to lease through Chrysler Capital or not.

Really what matters is the discount on the truck.

Hone in on that right now, move to bank after.

Something came up, so I had to reschedule. Thanks for the prompt response