2017 Jaguar XF 35t lease - $588

Hello Hackrs,

Had originally posted on ask hackrs but I think it’s better suited for deals &tips.

Can you please help me evaluate the following lease quote:

Vehicle - Jaguar XF 35t Premium AWD with Cold Climate Pgk and Vision Pkg
lease duration - 36/12
MSRP - $61383
Sale Price - $58883 (4% off. should I be getting more? Truecar show $7k discount on a similar build at 49% price accuracy)
MF - 0.00016
Residual - 61%
Total due at signing - $2530 (no downpayment… I was told this includes doc fees, first month payment etc.)
Factory Incentive - $2400
Monthly Cost - $588.72 (including tax)

On the face of it, the monthly fits the 1% rule so it seems like a good deal to me. Am I missing something?


You can get a much better discount for this

Sounds like a lot considering it doesn’t include a down payment and that tax is on the monthly…get a breakdown.

Thanks for the replies. Is there a number I should be targeting ? I am scheduled for a test drive this Saturday.

You should be able to get it down near, 53-54ish. That was the price on truecar, who usually inflates their prices so the dealer should be giving you a much better deal.

Sounds like you know the sales price is too high. I’d aim for 10-15% off MSRP. Total due at signing seems high to me, too.

Remember that sedans are having a tougher time selling right now due to everyone going CUV/SUV crazy. You have some leverage because of that.

Once you figure out if you want the car, isn’t it just a matter of picking color and options and then sending what you want to all the local Jag dealers for them to bid on?

Thanks for the suggestions. I asked for the breakup on the due at signing and this is what the dealer sent me - “The breakdown of the total due at signing is as follows: Acquisition fee - $795, Goverment fees - $651.73, Document fee - $499, First month payment - $588.72, That gives you a total of $2,534.45 which we rounded down to an even $2,530 for you”

Honestly, they have a XF S fully loaded at MSRP 78K that I am feeling greedy about. Maybe I can ask them to make a deal on that vehicle too.

Would asking them to give me a discount more than TrueCar numbers be a stretch?

Assuming there is another jag dealer in your area, just pit the two against each other. TrueCar makes money off of every person they send to the dealer, so TrueCar is going to give you less of a discount than you would normally be able to get with negotiating.

What government fees are they talking about? Do they mean titling the vehicle and transmitting the licensing info to your DMV?

That document fee is LOL.

If I were you and really wanted this car (and I get it… the new XF looks fantastic), I would find other dealers with the one you want and pit the dealers against each other. Spending some time on this could save you serious money.

And that’s why we’re here.

Thanks a lot ! I have reached out to another Jag dealer in the area. I will keep this post updated on the numbers I am able to negotiate.

I just got another quote for a Jag XF (35t AWD, cold climate , vision pkg and some more) - numbers are as I I remember them
MsRp - $62,400
Sale price - 58,300
Residual - 52%
Mf - unknown
$0 down with govt fees, first month etc (due at signing - $2500)

Monthly with tax -$799

The number was crazy high compared to the other quote I received ($588) with other similar terms. The only difference was the residual (61% vs 52%).

When I told this dealer that I got the $588 offer, he said that the other dealer was probably not using chase finance (jaguar finance) and so the residuals were high. He then went on to scare me about all the hidden charges that would turn up at lease end.

What should I do?

The “hidden” charges will be more or less the same. Maybe a turn-in fee of some sort like $200-300/mo so you can recover that after your first monthly payment LOL

Jaguar does have the ability to use another bank but there are no MSDs avaialble for all of them and there is also no lease transfer so make sure you will drive the car for the entire length of the lease

The main problem with this last deal is the discount is not enough to get a good monthly. Base models (so called “non-VIP”) are easier to get discounts on but they will not have a lot of stuff (like the “vision package”)

US Bank has a reputation for being terrible for lease turn ins. Just google “US Bank Lease return” and you’ll see a lot of horror stories about them going overboard with “excess wear” charges. When I first considered leasing (scored two great deals based on front page stories from Leasehackr) a colleague’s first response was “it sounds like a great deal until you go to turn it in” – he had leased a car through US Bank.

Despite the reputation, I have found that most of the horror stories about US Bank include bonehead moves from the lessee like not requesting the vehicle inspection ~1 month prior to lease end, etc. If you ask for your inspection and make it clear to them that you know what you’re doing, it may make it harder for them to give you hell but at the end of the day the leasing company has a lot of control over the process. Is US Bank any tougher on their lease returns than Chase or any other financing company? Hard to say, but with any lease be ready to go in and prove to them why additional charges aren’t warranted. Cheers.

Some comments on this forum suggest USB isn’t much different from a typical captive