2017 Jaguar F-Type US Bank rv/mf

Year: [2017]
Make, Model, and Trim: [Jaguar F-TYPE base or premium coupe]
Months/Annual Mileage: [36/12K]
Zip Code: [80108]

I’m looking for the US Bank residuals and mf since people have been saying they’re more favorable? Or i want to know where i might be able to find the US bank residuals for myself. I’m a US Bank customer can I just call a bank?

Yes call them, probably is easier than waiting. Let me know the numbers, i was looking for them too.

Maybe @RVguy or @Irongunner can chime in on finding non-captive lease programs.

No way. Finding those are like finding the holy grail. If you can find a reliable source for non-captive lenders you have it made. Typically, they come from word of mouth or knowing someone with access to the programs.

Yeah I just called US Bank and no matter who I got transferred to, no one knew how to find the information or even what a money factor was…

May be someone who have seen the US Bank numbers for the F-type can chime in, like @SoloPierre

I got mine at @ 70% and .0011, 36/10 - but this was last month.

Was that through US Bank or Jaguar FS?

I just got quoted the following from a dealer that offers US Bank leasing.

" Our finance director checked the rate with U.S Bank and these are the numbers: We have never seen a Jaguar with a residual value of 70% "
Term; 36/10
MF= .00140
Residual = 62 %

That residual is not going to make a good number :frowning:
I was quoted yesterday a Residual of 69% through Jaguar Financial but their MF was awful.

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I agree, that can’t be right. I was having her quote their base model (just under $64k).

US Bank.

That’s pretty low… Especially when according to @AncoraImparo it was 70% last month for the same terms…

Also seen on OP of this thread:

It looks like last month the US Bank rates were a much lower MF compared to a slightly (1%) higher RV for the base model. If that trend continues then the US Bank rates this month might be really great if someone can actually figure out what they are.

From my experience, Jaguar has the MF and RV pretty much dialed in so that you cannot really deviate from the monthly. One month they have high MF but the high RV made it work. Next month, they have low MF but the low RV also made it almost about the same as the previous month.

I think the best deal you will ever find are the deals we have in CA and Todd @ Rusnak in Pasadena seem to be ok dealing with out-of-state (though some have reported not getting any responses) with some folks on this forum. The deals will be for the “non-VIP” cars (which means base model) as they are not really discounting any of the other models so there will be a big difference in the monthly.

Some people here think that a $450-ish monthly payment (including tax) for a $63k car is somehow not good enough and end up harassing dealers for an even better deal (like a rumored $380/mo) is just wasting everybody’s time.

It is pretty much impossible to get a $450 a month payment on a base F-TYPE this month with the MF unless the dealer discount over 25%

On our end, we were going to be happy with a monthly of $500/mo including tax on any F-Type. The fact that @atomhawk did most of the work helped us out a lot as we just emailed Todd @ Rusnak and asked him if he can get our monthly down to $500/mo. Counting the $1,800 down (total drive off was $4k) which is $50/mo + the actual $445/mo including tax, we are still effectively under $500/mo so extremely happy

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FWIW, it looks like US Bank has the best deal currently on the base F-Type. Any trim above the base MT or AT will be a better deal with the captive. Ally isn’t trying for the F-Type business.

US Bank currently has a 71% 36/10k RV with 0.00120 on the MF for the base Coupe. Chase (Jag’s Captive) is at the same RV but has a $2k lease incentive and a much higher MF of .00254 on the MT and .00246 on the AT. So US Bank has a decent payment advantage currently.


Thanks @Rvguy, running to a US Bank to see if they do a direct lease deal on a f type at this rv/mf, I was able to negotiate 7k off msrp. I will be happy with a total 2k drive off and 500 monthly payment…

US Bank doesn’t do direct leasing. You have to go through a dealer that is signed up with them in. What zip code are you in?