2017 Jaguar F-Type SVR Good deal?

Is this a good deal? $1134.13 before tax and $2,355.98 on delivery.

I worked out the residual to be 54%, and I think the MF is 0.00025. Can someone confirm and check if this is a good deal?

Payment Details
Term 33
Base Payment 1,134.13
Total Payment 1,222.03

Purchase Option 76,990.82
MSRP 142,483.00
Selling Price 114,880

Est. Miles Per Year 10,000

Termination Fee 150.00
Disposition Fee 300.00
Excess Mileage Charge 0.30
Amount Due at Signing
1st Month Payment 1,222.03
Fees & Insurance 972.75
Upfront Taxes 161.20
Total Inception Fees 2,355.98
Rebate as Cap Reduction 2,000.00
Total Drive Off 4,355.98

Total Cash Required on Delivery 2,355.98

If you searched you would have your answer.

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Searched where? Because there aren’t any other threads about this specific model.

Nevermind, thanks I found the other thread.

@Antoine not sure if yours is a demo or not, but I’d take @sub28’s even though his was a demo.

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Not sure if you calculated the MF yourself or thats what they gave you but it should be .00001 on the coupe for 33/10; so that is most certainly marked up. Thats about an extra $50 added to your payment right there.

Thats a pretty awesome deal if they can use the standard MF.