2017 Jaguar F-Type coupe deal

Hi guys, I’m getting this deal, what do you guys think?

MSRP: 65k
Miles/y: 10k
Monthly Payment: $550 (taxes included)
Down payment: 0
Fees, taxes, etc: $3200
State: FL


There have been several threads about the F-Type. @Alex got a deal for about $450/month including taxes and $1700 drive offs.

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It would be helpful to know more about the deal. Is it financed through Chase or US Bank?

What is the selling price being used?

Are there any incentives included in the deal?

What are the Money Factor and residual value %? Ensure the MF isn’t being marked up.

$3,200 seems quite high for up front costs. Ask for a breakout and make sure you understand what’s included.

So far, the $3200s are taxes + dealer fees + first month + tag, I’m trying to get a break down. I’ll ask for those.

Ouch! those florida dealer fees are always trying to get you

With the 2018 refresh hitting this spring wouldn’t it be a good idea to hold off a bit longer.
I would hope for bigger discounts on the 2017.