2017 Infinity QX50

OK So I got quoted for an Infinity 2017 Black QX50

Selling Price:$34,997
319/month or 349/month (1200 Taxes rolled in)
10k miles/year
First month $349, Bank Fee $700, Dmv fee/Plates $350= $1450 Drive off Total

Residual value=53% which means I would be paying 47% of teh cars worth in 3 years , is this normal?

Coomes with moonroof, sunrrof, bluetooth and infinity kickpanels (no nav)
Is this not worth it cause of the residual value?

It might be worth it depending on the msrp, a lot of times when the residual is that bad, it is because the selling price gets heavily discounted from the msrp. So without knowing the msrp or money factor, it’s tough to know if it’s a good deal or not.

I’m not sure if NMAC sets residuals/money factor regionally or nationally, however, 36/39 month term this month with 12k was 59% on an AWD in Pittsburgh. Where are you located and are you getting a FWD or AWD? 53% seems quite low even if it’s FWD, especially considering I inquired about 12k instead of 10. Incidentally, I was also given a money factor of .00039 (0.936%). It’s my understanding dealers can play with Money factor, but not residual.

39 months 10k? how can i negotiate further? just say i want to pay 300/month instead of 349?

First thing you need to do is get a breakdown of all figures. MSRP, Sales price, Discounts, Incentives, residual + money factor used. Make sure incentives are coming off of bottom line sales price + not MSRP. You might also benefit from waiting another couple weeks as well, as a dealer is going to be more inclined to work a deal at the end of the month than the beginning/middle…especially if they’re trying to meet a quota.

This is a private dealer. Edge auto leasing in brooklyn

That is probably a broker, who is just a middleman. When people refer to a dealer here, it’s the actually dealership that sells the vehicles.

Check out my topic on my deal. Seems like a comparable if not lower msrp. Final I got is 305 a month with dealer paying all fees. 2017 Infiniti QX50 Leased!

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