2017 Infiniti Q50 AWD 3.0T - MSRP $46585 - $298 /mth with Tax 39/12K - Zero down


Just remember that cutting you a check doesn’t mean they are giving you any money.

If your cap cost is X now, it should be X - $1,050 without the check. i.e. your total lease cost is the same whether you take the check or have a lower monthly payment (trivial differences due to interest).

Keeping that in mind (and the fact that December programs ended on either 12/31 or 1/3), you are not in any special situation now where there is any sense of urgency. As @HN308 suggested you can wait til the end of January.

IMO I would just wait 'til your Camry lease is over in 5 months. There’s no free lunch here, you are still paying for the remainder of the Camry lease, just that those payments are spread out over 39 months.


Thanks to pizza882, HN308, max_g for your feedback !!!
I guess you guys opened my eyes, I will wait till the end of May when my Camry lease is done. Hoping to cash in the deals of 2017 memorial day weekend.
Love this forum !


Could you please PM dealer info? Thanks!


Please PM dealer info, thank you

In NY market for new Q50


Andrewrp / princeison,

I have PM’d dealer details to you.

Do share with the forum members what you get offered as the month has rolled over and the incentives are different.



Can you send me a copy of your paperwork?


programs got worse on all infiniti models
VPP is only for current nissan or infiniti employees, partner compainies with infnifti , college grad. there is no loyalty vpp.The only car that had loyality is the q60 2500 but you had to have an older q60. so whoever is doing vpp becuase of loyality is faking stuff.



Can you quote your source about the VPP loyalty information? I am sharing the email I got and expect you to share where you got your information.

I was one of many existing Infiniti owners who got an email as well as physical documents mailed to by home encouraging to contact Infiniti loyalty manager and when done so got a VPP-A code which was worth $1250 and was suggested to present it to get another $1250 below the best negotiated price being offered. I had a 2014 q50 and leased another 2017 q50 but was told the code was good on any new Infiniti model.

Also the code I had was good till 01/31/17 so I could have easily used it now. This has nothing to do with loyalty offered on a specific car like you suggest which is a Q60 this month.


Extremely helpful! Do you mind PM me the dealer info, please. I’d greatly appreciate it! Looking to lease car in about a week or so :slight_smile:


I’ve had no luck even getting close to this in Denver. Can you pm dealer info as well?


Also can’t replicate in Denver; can only get about 10% off MSRP, can’t do 20% as required by this deal. How do you get almost $10k off?


What prices are you guys gettin in Denver? Also what dealerships have you tried


Garbage and everywhere. Dealerships just flat told me they won’t come close.


Dealer Info PM’d to @snr62 and @Buddyleecia

I will write a detailed post later in the day on how I shopped for my deal and got it done.



What other cars have you been looking for in Denver? Or are you set on the Infiniti?


For me either q50 awd or bmw 330e. For my wife rav4 or cx5. I dont need 2 new cars so best lease offer wins. We sell whichever car gets replaced. Im in the 32,000 reservation range for tesla model 3 hopefully by november so it will be the second new car. I cant even get a call back on the 330e so i think its already out. Theres like 2 in the entore denver market.


HN308, can you PM me dealer info and name of salesman please? thanks. Also in NY


What cars have you driven in the past? In my recent experience, BMW comes pretty bare bones in most models and then get you with upgrades that seem pretty basic. The ride experience is very phenomenal though and smooth. I think for the money the q50 is the better value though… Way more options and a bigger engine. But gas mileage likely suffers compared to the 330e but its just a matter of how much you drive i guess…

Have you considered the new chrysler 300s? For the payment right now in Denver that they are offering, the value really cannot be beat. AWD Fully loaded for 300 a month with practicially nothing down for a 42k car is great.


Details on the 300? Wasnt even on my radar but youre right theyre offering 3750 in rebates. Numbers on the website without even negotiating look good.


Got pretty much the same deal at a couple dealerships on

2017 Chrysler 300 Limited MSRP 35k

$266 with 266 down 3 years


2017 Chrysler 300 S MSRP 42k

$300 with 300 down 3 years

***Both don’t include tax tho…

The S is a beautiful car! Fully loaded to the max, leather engraved seats, the whole one yards. 300hp with AWD.