2017 Infiniti Q50 3.0t Premium AWD $291 (New York)

I found a deal for the 2017 Infiniti Q50 3.0t Premium AWD in New York

MSRP: $43,555

36 month Lease
7,500 Miles a year

Due at signing $1434 (which is First month/Bank Fee/DMV Fee) pretty much $0 down

Monthly Payment $291 Tax Included,

Has anyone seen any better deals on this car?

I got 2017 Infiniti Q50 3.0t Premium RWD with drivers assitance
MSRP- 46,735
For 340/month(inclusive of taxes 6% FL)
No down and 1st month of them.
Also, they paid for excess wear amd tear on my Altima that I turned in.


Okay, this is the AWD package, for $291

Yes, If you consider your down payment and 1st month then you are paying as much as me for a car that is 3K cheaper.

Well, I had VPP discount. If you do too then you can do better,

7500 miles, is that from a broker?


7500 is enough for me

I got the 2017 Q50 3.0t Premium plus package for 500.00 down and 305.00 a month for 10k miles a year and maintenance included.

Tell me where so I can get one asap. I’ve been looking for one

If 7,500 isn’t enough for you, it’s likely just 1 point in depreciation to go to 10k, and then another point to go to 12k per year

I was just wondering if it was a brokered deal because that’s the only time I’ve seen 7.5K mileage on a lease.

Have never heard of a broker creating a lease format that wasn’t already in the leasing co’s books. They likely all have 7.5k mile leases, just like they have 48m leases. But they’re not popular and therefore are not advertised. They probably are asked about so rarely that even the dealer might not be familiar with them.

It’s relatively so cheap to go 10k that it would be a no-brainer for 99% of people if they even thought about 7.5.

Some exotics are advertised with 5k or 7.5k in order to advertise the lowest payment possible (and the need for fewer miles). You occasionally see M-B advertise 7.5 in NYC for people who don’t drive much.

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Infiniti does not offer 7,500 miles per year.


They use too,