2017 Hyundai Tucson SE with Popular Equipment Package - $160/month + $500 drive off

I was working on this deal for myself but it turned out that I don’t qualify for the boost up just yet - account has to be active for 30 days. Below is the deal if somebody is interested. Dealer will honor it, Stevens Creek Hyundai in Santa Clara CA. Contact person is Michael Vu, Internet Sales Manager.

2017 Hyundai Tucson SE with Popular Equipment Package

money factor: .00076
Residual 60%
36 months
12k miles a year
500 drive off

$1500 lease cash
$750 sales event cash
$500 match boostup
$1000 uber

Your payments and this is INCLUDING tax $168 and you would still owe another 35 payment.

or with the same incentives and drive off:

36 months / 10k miles a year / $160.73 a month.

Thanks for the kinds word. You can reach me at mvu@stevenscreekhyundai.com if anyone is interested

So you don’t take a good deal that you like because of $500 (or $15/mo) extra? You probably don’t need a car yet.

Yep, don’t really need it yet. Also, there is extra $500 off on top of that deal if you currently have a Hyundai…

Isnt this a great deal for SuV. From what I am seeing lease on SUV typically starts around 250 pm with zero down. Am i missing something?

is this AWD? if we need AWD, what is the monthly payment?

Seems like a pretty good price, but what’s the boost up incentive?


Do you work with anyone down here in SoCal?

Looking for a deal for a lease 36 / 10 - about the same amount for an Elantra Sport. (but will take anything similar if we have no choice)

Problem is credit - it is definitely not tier 1 credit - (borderline 630 credit score).

We applied for a credit with Hyundai online (here in SoCal) and was denied.


It says that boost up is valid only till March 2017. Can you please let us know the money factor and monthly payment for se plus and sport awd

Any NH dealers who can do this?

No i don’t. I’m not sure what deals are running in socal

This is a FWD, but if you haven’t yet, you can email me at mvu@stevenscreekhyundai.com

@james.bond20 Hey man do you think I can borrow your boostup account, need to get the lease within this year to get year end pricing.