2017 Hyundai Santa Fe SE Ultimate w/ Tech

Hey Hackrs!

Looking for MF & Residuals on the 2017 Santa Fe SE Ultimate w/ Tech in WA state for Aug/Sept for 36/12.
Would also be interested in the same for 2017 Santa Fe Sport Ultimate 2.0T w/ Tech.

Currently have a 2012 Volt owned outright, need a bigger vehicle and love the Santa Fe’s features, but currently in year 2 of a 4 year not-so-lucrative lease with our Mazda3. So instead of buying I’m thinking of selling my Volt, putting the money in a savings account and using that on something we really want. Thoughts?


Reached out to a few dealers, but from some dealer’s website information it’s looking like 60-70% residual on the Santa Fe right now?
Waiting for replies and will let you guys know what I find out :]

Actually I’m looking at the fully loaded elantra right this second, if anyone has details for that it’d be great.

I was looking at the Sante Fe Ultimate last month here in FL, and the residual was 59%.

Anything on the MF? Were you able to get any Manager’s Coupons?

The MF was .00064. We test drove it and didn’t really like it, so never got to that point.

I am interested to know the MF and Residual for this model in TX. 36/10,000K

I’d be interested in the same for CA but with 24 or 36 month lease and 12k or 15k miles. Thanks!

Seems like a pretty good deal, but how much extra would it be for all the bells in whistles?

EDIT: Actually just noticed that its an extra $83/month from the down payment. Is it possible to get cheaper than that?

283 a month is still under the 1% for 30k car. But this was an illustration to show that the car can be had for a 15% discount, so that’s a good starting point for a deal. Got to work the MF and residual etc to come up with a good payment.


Ah gotcha. :slight_smile: I’m still trying to get used to how these deals work. Thanks for the updates!