2017 Hyundai Santa Fe Limited - Is this a good deal?

I am in a bit of a time crunch to find a good monthly payment for an SUV. I was pretty surprised by the Hyundai Santa Fe and how nice the Limited was (especially with the captains chairs in the 2nd row). I was offered the following deal in the Los Angeles area without any negotiation, so I think I can do better, but just wanted to get the opinion of the experts on here!

MSRP: $36,485
Sales Price: $34,050 (I got a TrueCar price of $31,998 but they claim that is for purchase only - not so sure if this is true or not)
Money Factor: .00048
Residual Value: 58%
Down Payment: $0 except for first month’s payment
Lease Terms 36/10k
Payment quoted was $344 (when I plug in the numbers I get nowhere near this… )

Anyone have any opinion on this? I think there’s room on the sales price…but can I get as low as the truecar quote?)

I have looked into the highlander V6 and Pilot but let me know if you think there are better options!

Thanks so much!!

That looks bad for a Hyundai Sante Fe. That’s not much off MSRP. Probly just the rebates? What rebates did you get? Have you test driven the other vehicles you mentioned, and received offers for them?

I didn’t get into the details of where they came up with the price - I was more annoyed that they wouldnt honor their TrueCar offer (Is this true that TrueCar prices only work for purchase??)

I drove the highlander, Pilot and MDX. I would be happy with any of those but just felt they would be much higher than the Santa Fe

I was quoted 60% residual and .00190 MF on a Honda Pilot. I only used the information I found on this site for the Highlander to kind of rule out the 2017 models (I couldn’t find a 2016 XLE anywhere)


People have recently reported good deals here on MY17 Highlander XLEs…like $330/m (with MSDs) on a $40K+ MSRP vehicle.

You might already be doing this, but make sure you “uncheck” all the rebates to land at the MSRP discount before any rebates. Then add the lease-compatible rebates. If you don’t know what lease rebates apply, do some more research. You need to know the numbers better than they do to get a great deal.

What do you mean about “uncheck” - do you mean in TrueCar? Also, how do I find out what lease rebates apply? Just from each car makers’ website for national offers? Sorry for all the questions - first time leaser…

In TrueCar click “View Incentives” under car picture.

ah ok got it. So if I get rid of all those and have a TrueCar estimate, I should be able to get the dealership to honor this price and not give me the run around?

Yes, then deduct all available rebates that apply to you - for example USAA, loyalty or conquest, etc. Then ask for at least extra $500 off of that price since TrueCar gets $300-400 kickback. And then ask for additional rebates that may apply to lease, like Retail Bonus Cash in this example. Also check on Hyundai’s web site - it may show what applies to lease.

Ok how does this deal look? The payment is definitely more in the lines that was looking for. When I run these numbers through the calculator I get a much higher payment, though. What am I missing here? Thanks for your help!!

MSRP: 36,615
Selling price is $32,723
MF: .000048
Residual: $21,236.70 (58%)
Monthly payment including tax: $335
$0 down

Even w/o any tax (don’t know your rate), I get 345/m with 1st month due at signing. Assuming acq fee + DMV (together assumed $950) rolled into the payment

Yea, I’m in CA - rate is approx. 9%. I don’t understand their math. But if that’s what theyre guaranteeing me, is there any issue? Or is it going to be when I show up to sign the deal, they say “whoops, you owe us $3k”?

Has it happened before? I’m sure it has … there’s no way of knowing beforehand, unless you find online reviews suggesting so.

Or could be undisclosed rebates which cut the net cap cost well below the stated selling price.

I confirmed there’s $2250 in rebates and lease cash. Seems to me this is a good deal. Total payment well below 1% of msrp.

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