2017 Hyundai Elantra Sport 6mt

Year: [2017]
Make, Model, and Trim: [Hyundai Elantra Sport 6mt]
Months/Annual Mileage: [36/15K]
Zip Code: [63104]

I’ve never leased before. Looking for something cheap and fun.Great credit.

36/15K: 50% RV, .00004 MF
All: $2,000 lease cash
Targeted: $500 BoostUp, $500 Loyalty, $500 Military, $400 Grad

Might also want to check out Cruze – the hatchback with 6MT can be fun too.

Thank you! I currently have a 2016 Civic LX 6mt, financed. Great car, its just meh, no android auto, not enough power.

Definitely interested in what you find. I stumbled onto this car while looking for a 2017 Civic EX-T manual. The Sport model is a heck of a deal for what you get. Great reviews so far. They are discounted quite a bit already and below $20k is possible even with the premium package. (For purchase) Will be interesting to see how they work the leases with these. Not many with the Tech/Premium package it seems so far.

The Cruze (manual) is not even in same class as this model.

How do those posted lease numbers stack up against similar cars?