2017 Hyundai Elantra Limited

I got a deal offer in North Florida for a demo Elantra Limited with 5K miles. As most dealers, this is advertised as a “new car” as it hasn’t been titled but has been driven for about 6 months and 5k miles.

I got $4,500 in incentives from Hyundai, the MSRP is $23,500, the lease is for 36mo/12k miles with a down of $1,300 (as they say they gave to use my Boostup money for this down and would be $800 down plus the $500 I have in my Boostup account). The manager also said (verbally, not yet written) he would give me the Hyundai Wear Protection Plan (as I complained that at the end of the lease the car would be over 40k miles and would surely need tires which I probably wouldn’t need to get if I got the car 0 miles).

The monthly payment would be $160 with taxes (7% over here).

I’m tier 1 so the MF is .00049 and the residual is 55%.

Am I getting a good deal for a “used” demo car (they say it’s new as it’s never been titled). Lease would end with about 41k miles when I return the car.

Total payments through the lease life would be $6,900 but the wear protection plan is supposed to be almost $800 (which one of the managers mentioned I would get for free if I accept.that deal, but again, it’s not yet in writing).

Is it a good deal like that? If they don’t give me the wear protection, is it still a good deal? Or I should only accept it with the protection. Another dealer gave me a price that by the end of the lease would be around $800 more expensive but for a car with under 200 miles.

By the way, I also got an offer for a Limited with tech package for around $1,100 extra by the end of the lease (also demo car).


By the way… Is there any other comparable brand/price? I mean, this Elantra is mostly loaded, with Keyless Start and Android Auto, leather and a lot of extras that most other brands charge a lot to get. Is there any other similar in features and for a similar price? I’m not looking to buy, just lease, and sounds like a good price to me.

36mo / 12k miles a year for $160 a month… Con is that this is a demo car with 5k miles… My advice? This would be my first lease, so, I don’t get good incentives with Chevy (it at least dealers tell me there’s no more incentives I could get). This $4,500 is the highest I’ve been able to get.

Thanks for your comments…

Well… To add to the previous offer, the dealer has a 2017 Hyundai Elantra Limited with Technology Package with also 5k miles and is asking for $190 a month with $800 down plus the $500 from my Boostup account with wear protection. The total lease would be $7,950 over the 36 months and 12k miles a year.

Which of the two would be the best deal? The MSRP for this car is slightly under $26,000… Both options have a residual of 55% and come with the wear protection.

Would like to get some advice.


I love the tech packages. I will never buy another car without adaptive cruise control and lane keeping assist. It makes driving so much safer!

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