2017 Honda Pilot Touring Lease - New

Hey group,looking to lease a new Pilot Touring. Most likely 39 months and 15k miles. I’ve seen in previous posts that the residual amount is set but the rate can change??.. Typically to offset in the cost of the car or just to make more money. What is the detail break down and what can change? I’m new to leasing and want to understand all the numbers so there is no bait and switch. Assume lease term doesn’t change but understand shorter term or miles would change. Figure MSRP of $43k and sale price $41k. I live in VA and think tax is 4.19%, but might purchase in MD. Thanks.

Just warning you - that will likely be a very expensive lease. Pilots don’t generally lease well, and a 15k mile/year Touring will exacerbate the problem. Maybe compare something like an Infiniti QX60 to make sure you get the best value for what you want.

Thanks for the feedback and will look, we do get an allowance for a lease. What’s the ball park figure? I hope for little less than $500. What is typical residual and rate?

More than 500, on an msrp of 44k and sales price of 41k (checked on truecar to gauge price this seems about right) the payment will be 578 with 1700 in tax upfront

I’m still working on the sales price so could go down a bit more. What residual vale and money factor? I’ve seen 58% and 62%, seem right? Would an equivalent Acura be better to lease?

Honda products aren’t great leasses at the moment, I would look at Infiniti(qx60) or GMC (acadia denali)

Acura MDX base would probably be $500+ a month.

How would a Lexus RX 350 do?

Not an expert on this by any means, but we do have a Honda dealer that we have worked with in the past and have been considering the CR-V. There are NO lease specials right now and Honda tends to be pretty cut & dry from the manufacturer as far as what cost you will incur. Good and bad, because it is clear but then there is not a lot of wiggle room, other than dealership-installed options. If you like the Honda, I would agree with looking at Acura, or even the M-B GLC. And they are still taking MSD right now.

I do not recommend you look at an Acura RDX/MDX to save money over your Pilot lease.

Since most Acuras require Premium gas, any savings you make on the lease will be destroyed in fuel costs.

I have a 2017 RDX, it runs fine on regular 87, and so did my 2014 MDX.