2017 Honda Civic EX-T w/ Honda Sensing (S. Florida)

2017 Honda Civic EX-T w/ Honda Sensing package. How did I do?

MSRP: $24,145
Selling Price: $21,175
Acquisition Fee: $595.00
Doc Fee: $795.00 <— This seems extraordinarily high, but FL is the highest for doc fees
FL Fees/Taxes: $139.48
Trade-in: [$0]

Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 15,000

MF: 0.00080
Residual: 58% or $13,998

Security Deposit: $0
Total Due At Signing: $0 <-- out of pocket for me at least, true sign-and-drive
Monthly Payment (incl. tax): $279 w/o tax $261 <-- first month’s payment covered by dealer

Zip Code: [33431]
Sales Tax Rate: [7%]

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This looks to be a very good deal for a 15k per year lease.

Ok good, glad to hear my efforts were not wasted. Credit to this forum and all the knowledgeable people here.

Based on the MSRP, I assume the title is correct and it’s a Civic?

Wow, I double-checked too. My bad will edit.

If anyone wants to recreate for 12k it’s $233 + TTL + doc

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What dealer did you get this deal from?? I’ve been trying to get a deal just like this and can’t seem to get it done. I would love to know which dealership you got this app

I would like this deal… where can I get it?? I’m in south Florida also. I’ll get the car today if I can get this deal!

Try to PM the original poster @zomall (Zachary)

Looks like the residual just dropped 1% for March on all civic’s…

Just PM’d you, @westiemom

Anyone else interested, let me know. The dealer is pretty amenable.

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I am in the market for the exact same vehicle but in Ohio and am getting numbers that are significantly worse. I’m new to the leasing game and this forum and thus any help or suggestions would be most appreciated.

I have attached quotes for both the EX-T with sensing and EX with sensing, but both seem extraordinarily high.

5-Star package, sounds like a money grab. $700.
Dealer admin fee. $698, the moment they throw something like that on there i would tell them goodbye and walk.

Under non taxed fees, you dont know what is being charged. Could be more dealer fees.

Also your about 400 off on the dealer discounts of the sticker. Down here dealer fees usually run around $250 and that includes license fee and all that good stuff. Id say you need to look for around another 2100 off total.

Just a heads up that Honda Sensing drops the residual by 2 percentage points. It’s absurd that it would drop the residual having a value added feature, in my opinion, but it does. Would have cost me $50 extra per month on my lease so I got one without Sensing.

Thanks for the replies. I will try to negotiate this price down. Seems ridiculous to pay this much for a car else msrp is 24175. Also I had no idea the rv dropped with Honda sensing package. Where did you find that info?

this confuses me more on the prices I got. from reading the forums seems like some are excpecting as low as $205 a month for this car???